Old School Kofte: Üstünel Köftecisi (Restaurant Review)

This past summer, I was the lunch guest of a dear friend.  She took me to an off-the-beaten-path restaurant called Üstünel Köftecisi.  I believe it is technically in a part of Ulus/Altındağ. Well, while it was off the beaten path for me, the place was packed!  It is located in a sketchy looking neighborhood, full of... Continue Reading →

Racism in Philadelphia

No surprise here.  Racism is alive and well in Philadelphia.  While I should be covering the Pope's weekend visit to the City of Brotherly Love, instead, I will share two post that I just read on Facebook, written by one of the kindest and dearest friends I have ever had. On his page: Hey Jin House... Continue Reading →

KIVA – Restaurant Review

Before the Christmas holiday, I had the wonderful luck of being invited to dine at KIVA with a new friend.  I'm not sure which I like better, the friend or the food! Located on the terrace level of one of Ankara's newest malls, Next Level, KIVA specializes in Anatolian cuisine.  It's concept is as a "modern... Continue Reading →

JW Steakhouse, Ankara

Last night I dined at the JW Steakhouse (Marriott Hotel) in Ankara.  I can't really say I was disappointed, because I did not expect much from it.  I can say that I will never go again, unless someone else is buying! I'm a food snob.  I love a good greasy cheap diner and I love... Continue Reading →

Two Chicks Bakery

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet a fellow American expat who has started her own American-style bakery in Ankara.  Not only did I meet her, but I had the chance to taste some of her delicious sweets! Two Chicks Bakery was established in Ankara last year.   The owners realized that American-style cakes and... Continue Reading →


I was surprised last night by a Turkish menu.  I didn't know most of the items on the small menu.  This rarely happens to me anymore. The star of the menu was Pöç.  It was basically the meat and fat surrounding the spine of a cow.  (They say the tail bone, but it looks like a... Continue Reading →

Masala Cafe Revisited

There's been a lot of discussion here in Ankara since I wrote my first post about Masala Cafe.  That was April 2010, shortly after my arrival to this great city.  As you may recall, (or can see from that review), I loved the restaurant! The restaurant is located in my neighborhood, so I frequented it... Continue Reading →

Dafne – Restaurant Review

Yesterday was my birthday.  My tradition is to cook a lovely Bavarian meal of Wiener Schnitzel, potato pancakes, and cucumber salad.  This year, I set out in search of a German restaurant in Ankara.  I sent an email to my fellow expats requesting information.  Alas, I found that Ankara hosts no German restaurants. I did... Continue Reading →

Spice Curry House Restaurant Review

I heard about Spice Curry House in G.O.P. after writing a restaurant review on Masala Cafe, a Pakistani restaurant.  Over the past two years, I had it on my "to do" list.  I had heard mixed reviews of the restaurant.  Last night I experienced it for myself. I was disappointed. First, let me say that... Continue Reading →

Birchrunville Store Cafe – a lesson for all Chefs!

Nestled between the rolling hills and green pastures of Chester County is one of the most fabulous restaurants in the Philadelphia area. The Birchrunville Store Café serves upscale contemporary French-Italian cuisine in a down-to-earth country setting.  My sister-in-law had wanted to try the place for years.  So when I came home for a visit that... Continue Reading →

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