Adventures in Troy

Day 2 of our trip to Çanakkale started with a trip from Bursa to Troy. Although I had read that Troy wasn't much to see, I was really looking forward to it.  I tried hard to remember which high school teacher had forced me to read Homer's The Iliad and The Odyssey to no avail.  On this... Continue Reading →

The Ottoman Empire

Did I get your attention?  Sorry, this post is not about the actual empire.  Rather, it is about my idea for a new business should I ever move back to the States.  The business will be called, "The Ottoman Kumpir." "What is Kumpir?"  Glad you asked. Kumpir is a stuffed potato, similar to the beloved... Continue Reading →

Bursa and Inegöl

Yet another holiday recently gave us the opportunity for a long weekend trip.  We decided to visit Bursa and the region of Çanakkale. We drove from Ankara, and the first stop was İnegöl.  We only stopped briefly for lunch as it is known for its İnegöl Köfte.  I got a real kick out of the newspaper on top... Continue Reading →

A Day in the Life

A day in the life of anyone can bring with it the good, the bad, and the ugly.  A typical day for most adults is probably something like this:  Get up.  Go to work.  Grab a quick lunch.  Work some more.  Head home.  Eat dinner.  Go to bed.  Of course, there's room for a little... Continue Reading →

A Question for Matt

Matt Krause has begun his 1305 km walk across Turkey.  I think this is just amazing, and I told many people about his goals and why he is doing it.  Interestingly, everyone asked me the same question.  So I passed it on to Matt. Some of Terry's readers asked, "How will Matt deal with the... Continue Reading →

Where are you from?

When I meet a Turk for the first time, they inevitably will ask me where I am from.  This is not the case for most Europeans.  They always know from my [insert adjective] accent that I am American. Most Turks though aren't trained in distinguishing the English speaker's accents as easily (not that there aren't... Continue Reading →

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