Entrees (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

American Tried and True Recipes 


Pan Seared Steak and Bearnaise Sauce – Contains links to videos by Ramsay Gordon and Julia Child!! Don’t be afraid!  Just do it!

Annie’s Apple Fritter Pancakes – Made with some specialty American ingredients, but substitutions are easy with Turkish ingredients.  Great for breakfast or dessert!

Pancakes – Easy to make from scratch recipe with Turkish ingredients!  Enjoy for breakfast or Brinner!

Terry’s  Spicy Crabcakes – Petite crabcakes with a spicy twist! Perfect as an appetizer or entree!

Brother John’s Favorite Salad – For lunch or dinner, a  hot & cold salad that’s made for a man, but light enough for a woman!

Watermelon, Tomato & Feta Salad with Mint – This refreshing summer salad is simply perfect as an entire meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Barış’  Bodacious Buffalo Wings and Blue Cheese – Perfect every time – and easy to boot! Hot and spicy chicken wings , I would eat these any time of day.

Selen’s  Summer Pasta – Served hot or as a salad, what goes better with pasta than fresh vegetables, basil,   and roasted eggplant?

Julia’s Jazzy Chicken & Jalapeno Dip – Similar to a Turkish recipe but it’s not! You simply must try this spicy one!


Turkish Delights

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Suzie’s   Summer Crepes – A delightful traditional breakfast, Turkish Egg Salad served on a Crepe.

Mercimek Köftesi – As a light meal or a snack, these bulgar and lentil treats do the trick!

Tavuk (Chicken) Döner – In  this recipe I give 4 easily to follow 20-minute meals using frozen Chicken Döner: Iskender, Italian Saute, Chinese Doner, and Philly Style Chicken Doner Cheesesteak Hoagie!
(UPDATE:  This product has become increasingly difficult to find.  I only see the one that is smothered in a reddish spicy sauce and I don’t like it as much.  Please let me know if you find the orignal elsewhere.)

Zeytinyagli Pirasi (Leeks in Olive Oil – I love this recipe of leeks, carrots and rice.  I add fresh thyme for a little kick!


German Gastronomy

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Bavarian   Kaese Spaetzle with Gurkensalat – The German version of Macaroni & Cheese, only better! (And the most popular post on this blog!)  The post contains step-by-step instructions with photos.

Spaetzle and Cucumber Salad

Brezelknoedel – This is a link to an online recipe that my cousin shared with me. It’s a great   recipe for Pretzel Dumplings but it’s written in the German language.   Delicious!


International Appeal

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Chipotle Turkey Tacos with Charred Corn Salsa – mmm good. Turkey Tacos made in Turkey! You never know when you need a little Mexican in your life!

Aydan’s Chinese Sweet & Sour Chicken – Absolutely the best I ever had, bar none!  This recipe contains photos and a video!

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