A new U.S. ambassador to Turkey – and lots of information for the New Year!

American Outlook American Citizen Services United States Mission, Turkey December 2014 Newsletter   For a formatted version of the newsletter, please visit the following link: http://photos.state.gov/libraries/turkey/1131523/Documents/Newsletter_December_2014_3.pdf Featured in this issue: Message from Ambassador John Bass Direct Deposit Payments of Your SSA Payments While in Turkey Turkish E-Visa and Sticker Visas at the Airports in Turkey... Continue Reading →

Belgian Chocolate in Ankara

Last week, my friend Marlene sent out an email informing fellow expats that The Chocolate Art would have Christmas chocolates available on December 8th.  Marlene is a great friend to have - she knows all you need to know as an expat in town.  Although we have mostly been "virtual friends," we finally met this year.  And... Continue Reading →

“Inspiring Expat Blogs on Turkey”

In case you missed this last week, we were named one of the "Inspiring Expat Blogs on Turkey" by the Hurriyet Daily News! You can read the article by clicking here. We joined the likes of some of our best blogger friends:  Natalie at Turkish Travel Blog; Alan at Archers of Okcular; and Duke at Captivating... Continue Reading →

Pope Francis Visits Ankara

Did anyone else notice that the Pope visited Ankara last Friday? I learned of the Pope's visit Friday morning.  Upon hearing the news, come kind of warmth came upon me.  I got excited!  I learned that he would be visiting Anitkabir and had a few other stops.  But no schedule was posted anywhere.  Not even... Continue Reading →

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