But Why?

I had an interesting couple of weeks.  I had several conversations with others about languages, about why we are here in Turkey, about why some don’t like it here, about what people miss about home, about religion, and about life and death. All of these conversations boiled down to one thing:  comfort zone. I don’t... Continue Reading →

Anneler Günün kutlu olsun!

I celebrated Mother's Day early this year.  Everything was going well, and then I suffered a major faux pas!  Let me start at the beginning. My husband's grandmother and aunt were visiting from Aksaray.  They had been here a week and were planning to go home yesterday. Late on Friday evening, we received a call... Continue Reading →

Birchrunville Store Cafe – a lesson for all Chefs!

Nestled between the rolling hills and green pastures of Chester County is one of the most fabulous restaurants in the Philadelphia area. The Birchrunville Store Café serves upscale contemporary French-Italian cuisine in a down-to-earth country setting.  My sister-in-law had wanted to try the place for years.  So when I came home for a visit that... Continue Reading →

Some Things Happen Fast: A Turkish Funeral

  Yesterday morning at 6 a.m. our grandmother’s brother passed away.  Thirty-two hours later he was buried.  I am told that funerals often happen the same day when possible.  In this case, the family waited for the arrival of our great-uncle’s son who lives in Germany.  When I heard the news yesterday morning, I immediately... Continue Reading →

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