Dear Friends and Colleagues, I am honored to invite you to the Opening Cocktail Reception of my solo art exhibition "three elements" at the Istanbul Art Platform Gallery on March 2, 2013. The exhibit will be on display until March 30, 3013. The "three elements" exhibition pays tribute to the number "3" in every... Continue Reading →

Introducing . . .

Elizabeth Nursel!  Welcome to the world my little one! This is truly crossing cultures! We wish this precious little one and her parents all the best!      

What is a Blog?

During my break, I did a lot of thinking about my blog.  Naturally, as soon as I decided to take a break, I found many things I wanted to write about.  But I realized that I still needed space. This morning, I decided to reinstate my last article.  I had removed it, not because of... Continue Reading →

Taking a Break

Yesterday, a suicide bomber attacked the American Embassy in Ankara. He killed one of his own people, a Turkish citizen who worked as a guard. What the fuck?!  The man simply went to work one day and died because of some a-hole's radical political views.  The man lost his life, because he needed to feed... Continue Reading →

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