Dear Abby, dear Abby, you won’t believe this . . .

I'm borrowing the idea for this post from another blogger.  I am able to see the search terms people run on the internet when they stumble across my blog.  I once read a blog where the blogger fashioned these searches as letters to Dear Abby.  She replied in kind.  It was a riot!  So here goes: Dear sigara boregi,  You... Continue Reading →


A couple of months ago, we visited a town called Beypazari, about 100km west of Ankara.  Beypazari happens to be the town where own of my favorite bottled sparkling mineral water comes from.  So I thought we were going to see the natural springs.  But that never happened.  Beypazari is also a tourist town, full... Continue Reading →

Eurasia Marathon – More Pics

For those of you who enjoyed my post about the Eurasia Marathon adventure, here are some more pics from the race!  My husband ran the 8k which coincided with the marathon, running from Asia to Europe over the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul.  My husband exceeded his personal best time in the fun run!!!  Others took up to... Continue Reading →

Lufthansa – just like the rest!

I used to praise Lufthansa Airlines.  They were always on time.  Clean.  They fed me.  They entertained kids.  The pilot always gave updates of where we were.  It was just an all-around nice flight. I'm sorry to say that Lufthansa has joined the ranks of USAir in my books.  And that ain't a good thang.... Continue Reading →


This past weekend, I enjoyed the company of my family at my nephew's wedding in Lancaster, PA.  It was a very traditional American wedding.  I couldn't help think of the similarities and differences with Turkish weddings.  The wedding took place in a small chapel followed by the reception in aa neighboring hall.  There was a string... Continue Reading →

It’s Never Easy

Being on vacation is never easy.  There's always more to do than expected and much less rest than there should be.  In my case, the lack of easiness is multiplied many times. I'm back at mom's - who now has two of my siblings living with her and two teenagers!  Still, it's a lot less... Continue Reading →

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