World churches get a door to the world from Hatay

In this time of political chaos in Turkey, I would like to share the following article with you.  I came across it this morning in a Turkish newspaper.  It caught my eye because of its simple beauty:  no politics, no fighting, no blaming.  No chaos.  It does, however, involve religion, but the article is not... Continue Reading →

JW Steakhouse, Ankara

Last night I dined at the JW Steakhouse (Marriott Hotel) in Ankara.  I can't really say I was disappointed, because I did not expect much from it.  I can say that I will never go again, unless someone else is buying! I'm a food snob.  I love a good greasy cheap diner and I love... Continue Reading →

Two Chicks Bakery

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet a fellow American expat who has started her own American-style bakery in Ankara.  Not only did I meet her, but I had the chance to taste some of her delicious sweets! Two Chicks Bakery was established in Ankara last year.   The owners realized that American-style cakes and... Continue Reading →


I was surprised last night by a Turkish menu.  I didn't know most of the items on the small menu.  This rarely happens to me anymore. The star of the menu was Pöç.  It was basically the meat and fat surrounding the spine of a cow.  (They say the tail bone, but it looks like a... Continue Reading →

Mind Your P’s and Q’s

Learning a new language is great, regardless of how much or how little you retain.  I find that every small little piece I learn changes me in some way.  It's brought me to realize though, that when living in another country, sometimes learning the language is not enough. In the States we have this saying,... Continue Reading →

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