Desserts & Sweets

Amazing American Sweets


Mom’s Jewish Apple Cake – Dense, moist and full of apple and cinnamon flavor!

Snickerdoodles – Easy enough for kids and you have to love the name!  Cookies are crisp, but chewy inside, rolled in cinnamon and sugar.  Contains conversion calculators for measuring ingredients.

Easy Moist & Chewy Macaroons – Coconut cookies for the holidays and easy enough for children!

Koray’s Quick Cocoa Brownies – Fast and easy ingredients!

Danny’s Deep, Dark & Rich Chocolate Lovers’ Cake – You can’t go wrong with this velvety recipe!

Shae’s Lemon Meringue Tart – because no one loves lemon more than Shae!!

Annie’s Apple Pancake Fritters – Delicious apple pancake fritters for breakfast or dessert!

Golbasi Cherry Cobbler – easy to make and yummy cherry cobbler.  Even more delicious when served with Vanilla ice cream

More Photos – Click this link for photos of other baked goods from 2014.  (Cheesecake, pumpkin pie, cupcakes, and more.) Sorry, the recipes are not yet added.


 Turkish Delights!

flag 1

Aşure or Noahs Pudding – A sweet and savory dessert made in honor of Noah’s landing at Mount Ararat.

Aşure Pudding

Aşure Pudding


German Guilty Pleasures!

flag 4

Anna’s Orange-Flavored Chocolate – This is actually a favorite of my Austrian friend, but close enough!  It’s more of a truffle, you can add a variety of ingredients, and is easy to make with kids!  This was posted twice, the second link is Orange Chocolate’s Lovers Truffles!

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