The Hardest Thing About Being an Expat

One of the hardest things about being an expat is not being there in a time of need.  Since I have been in Turkey, many of my friends have lost a parent.  My friends may not have felt like they needed me at the time, but I sure needed to be with them.  It puts... Continue Reading →


It's an interesting thing that in this land of great history, there is little room for "junking."  Junking is a term I recently picked up from my niece.  That's her way of describing her love of antiques, or anything else that can be picked up at a flea market or yard sale.  I honestly can't... Continue Reading →

You may have noticed . . .

. . . I have been trying out some new gadgets and different types of posts on my blog.  For instance, there is a new "Goodreads" widget on the right side of the blog.  That connects you, my readers, with books I have read.  If you click on it, you will see what I am currently... Continue Reading →

Rich, Moist & Easy Lovers’ Brownies

This is the last recipe in my series of Chocolate recipes for Valentine's Day.  Your Lover will Love these rich and moist brownies.  And they are really easy to make! Rich, Moist & Easy Lover's Brownies Ingredients (American/Turkish): 1/2 cup butter/113 g. tereyag 1 cup sugar/226 g. şeker 2 eggs/2 yumurta 1/4 tsp vanilla/ (American vanilla... Continue Reading →

Mt. Erciyes Has New Trails

Whether looking for a place to ski, snowboard, or just a place to picnic in the snow, Mt. Erciyes is the place for you! A non-active volcano located in Kayseri, the ski area has many slopes including a brand new one which opened this weekend! The new slope has a cafe at the bottom of the... Continue Reading →

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