Traveling Again . . .

So I hit the road running - back to the USA for a few weeks.  The trip was overall very easy.  I flew from Ankara to Munich, Munich to Philadelphia.  The Ankara airport is new, modern, and relatively simple to get through.  I am an experienced traveller and very used to delays, security checks, etc. ... Continue Reading →

Health Care in Turkey

Months before our move to Ankara became likely I had the opportunity to visit Turkey for the fourth time.  While I was visiting, a relative of my husband was in the hospital.  Although I had not yet met him, I went along with with the family to visit him.  I was told I could wait outside, but I took advantage... Continue Reading →

Turkey vs. USA

Tonight is the FIBA World Championship Basketball Finals.  Turkey will play America in Istanbul (9pm Turkish time, 2pm EST).  Congratulations to both teams for games well played last night! Last night, USA beat Lithuania 89-74.  (My condolences to the Simonis family.)  It was a good game.  The game was also held in Istanbul.  Unfortunately, the... Continue Reading →

Şeker Bayram

We are currently celebrating Şeker Bayram (Sugar Holiday) in Turkey.  Şeker Bayram is a three day holiday signifying the end of Ramadan and the end of the daily fast.  The holiday reminds me of some of our American and Christian holidays.  First, it reminds me of Christmas.  About a week ago, I was told that we... Continue Reading →

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