Tips to Prevent Burglary

My neighbor's home was burgarized on Saturday evening.  I have heard stories of several burglaries in my neighborhood recently.  In fact, I have heard of them all over Ankara recently. The neighbor rented an apartment that had the worst door in the building.  It was literally made of particle board as was the surrounding frame. ... Continue Reading →

Ups and Downs

It's just about 8:15 p.m., and I feel as if I should just go to bed.  It's been a weekend full of ups and downs.  I am at an "up" right, now.  Hence, the desire to end the weekend on a good note by going to bed. Friday evening started off with a bang.  A... Continue Reading →

Off with their heads!

After a rough week of trying to repair my laptop, I needed something to cheer me up.  So I headed over to the local pastane for tea with friends.  I really like hanging out their at the sidewalk tables.  One friend does a great job translating for me while the others try to teach me... Continue Reading →

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