A Little Turkish Brightens the Day

I wasn't feeling well yesterday, but I kept to the schedule and treated my mother and sister to a day in the City.  The plan was to visit my brother-in-law, who so sweetly invited us to lunch.  Oh, right, the "first-born" sister was there too. But first, we made a little tour of my old... Continue Reading →

Mind Your P’s and Q’s

Learning a new language is great, regardless of how much or how little you retain.  I find that every small little piece I learn changes me in some way.  It's brought me to realize though, that when living in another country, sometimes learning the language is not enough. In the States we have this saying,... Continue Reading →


Taking a break from life this morning, I want to write about the Turkish language.  People are always asking me if it is hard to learn.  I don't find it difficult, it's just different.  If you are a language person, you probably will get it pretty easily.  The key is to stop translating and start... Continue Reading →

Getting Around

Ankara streets are laid out like a [INSERT TEXT HERE]. No, that wasn't a mistake.  The street map is so crazy, I couldn't think of anything to write!  So feel free to comment with your suggestions! It's amazing to me sometimes that anyone finds anything.  And yet, we do! This is my version of how... Continue Reading →

Where are you from?

When I meet a Turk for the first time, they inevitably will ask me where I am from.  This is not the case for most Europeans.  They always know from my [insert adjective] accent that I am American. Most Turks though aren't trained in distinguishing the English speaker's accents as easily (not that there aren't... Continue Reading →

The Big Cliff(hanger)

For those of you who have been following Terry & Baris' Big Weekend Adventure in Kaş, you will remember that we left you with a bit of a cliffhanger: Lunch was the perfect end to a perfect afternoon.  On the ride back, the group was happy, calm, and tired.  I couldn’t wait to get back to... Continue Reading →

How do you Handle Tipping in Turkey?

Recently, my husband and I decided to get a quick and cheap dinner in our neighborhood.  We chose a restaurant that specialized in home cooking.  Our decision was based on two facts:  it was a new place we hadn't tried and it had lots of side dishes on the menu.  I was craving vegetables. The... Continue Reading →

March Comes in Like a Lion

It was a long and rough winter for us in Ankara.  For a moment there, I thought all of the stars in the sky had a bad case of dandruff - it snowed that much!  In fact, we had flurries again yesterday.  But now the sun is shining and flowers are poking their little heads... Continue Reading →

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