Social Class

When I started writing this blog, I didn't realize how hard and how easy it would be.  For example, I didn't know it would be so time consuming.  Taking pictures, writing my post, converting the photos for web applications, and uploading the story can sometimes take 3 to 4 hours.  I'm not complaining.  I wouldn't... Continue Reading →

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father's Day my friends!  We are celebrating Father's Day here in Turkey, much like we do in the States.  I am cooking a huge breakfast for the family.  We will spend the day together.  And hopefully, we will enjoy a lovely fish dinner at Eymir Orfuz, a fish restaurant located in the woods along Lake... Continue Reading →

Making Friends

Meeting new people comes pretty easily for me.  I will talk to anyone.  I have held conversations with homeless people on the streets of Philadelphia.  I have started conversations  about my wedding plans with lawyers in the midst of multi-million dollar settlement talks.  I have spent time playing pool with bikers in dark seedy bars.  I even... Continue Reading →

What I Meant to Say Was . . .

So even though I don't know much of the Turkish language yet, I did learn a couple of things that I shouldn't say or do. First, Americans have a bad habit of saying "um".  We do it all the time.  A similar sound, "om", is used by people when meditating.  In Turkey, "um", spelled "am", has a... Continue Reading →

GAZA: Turkey, Israel, and the U.S.

I have received messages from many of my friends regarding the recent attack  by Israelis on a Turkish ship, a freedom flotilla, that was carrying activists and aid to blockaded Gaza.  Reports in news articles varied on many issues including the number of activists killed.  The final count was nine Turks, one of whom was born... Continue Reading →

What I Love and What I Miss

Yesterday morning I went to the police station to pick up my resident card.  It's official - I am a resident of Ankara, Turkey!  I took the subway back to Kizilay, then strolled through the streets, admiring this and that along the way.  As I walked home, it occurred to me that I truly felt "at home" here.  I had... Continue Reading →

Rest in Peace

I am just back from Germany -- again. My aunt passed away. She was the last of my mother's siblings. She was 92. Tante Martha was an awesome lady. She worked for over 40 years in a local factory. She lost her husband to a heart attack after a relatively short marriage and never remarried.... Continue Reading →

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