Cherry Cobbler from scratch

When I was a kid, I always requested the same cake from Mom, a white box cake, with light blue icing and decorated with cherries.  It wasn't that I liked this cake so much, it was that I thought it looked pretty.  I loved blue and I loved cherries. Eventually I moved on to dark... Continue Reading →

“509 Theresa”

While many things are the same everywhere, there is a big difference between here and the States related to education and jobs.  In the States, one takes the SAT exam, and with that score, applies to universities of their choosing.  Once in school, they select their major course of study, usually at any time.  Of... Continue Reading →

Racism Running Rampant — Still

In the news in Turkey is the Deputy Prime Minister Beşir Atalay with his anti-Semitic public comments. I have lived here over three years now.  I don't usually get into the depth of conversations, for lack of Turkish skills, that would make me aware of racism here.  Unfortunately, I do have one "friend" who in the... Continue Reading →

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