Outdoor Films in Ankara

Çankaya Belediyesi will be sponsoring an open-air movie festival at Karum AVM.  The films will be held Friday and Tuesday evenings at 9pm outside of the mall from August 7th through September 18th.  The films are Turkish and probably do not have English subtitles, but I am sure it will be a nice way to... Continue Reading →

Open Air Cinema – Hot Fun in the Summertime!

CerModern boasts an Open Air Theatre and is showing international films every Tuesday night, 26 June through September 25, 2012.  Last night we saw Burn After Reading, starring Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and John Malkovich. Yeah, it's hot.  It's pretty, pretty, pretty hot.  But being outdoors in the Summertime is all I want from life.... Continue Reading →

On Being Gay in Turkey

No, I'm not gay.  Although I do have a former neighbor who might argue that point.  Lot's of my friends are black, I mean gay.  I have to laugh here.  I have heard so many times over the years, upon an acquaintance discovering I am part African-America, the same sentence, "Lots of my friends are... Continue Reading →


There is a small park a couple of doors down from my home.  I never go there. The little pools are always dry.  The walls covered in graffiti.  The benches are dusty.  The playground in the back is usually empty.  Teenagers hang out and smoke there.  Visitors to the hospital seek refuge from the shade... Continue Reading →

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