How can WE be Ankara?

As you all know, on Sunday, March 13th, Ankara suffered its 3rd bombing in 5 months.  37 more innocent lives were lost.  Most of whom were very young. Following that, Turks and foreigners living in Turkey, pled for support.  The big question was why did no one else seem to care?  Then came the now viral... Continue Reading →


Yesterday evening was the 3rd recent bombing in Ankara.  A car bomb struck in Kizilay, the heart of the city.  It hit public buses, vehicles, and those waiting at a bus stop.  Again I heard it from my home, from my kitchen.  Again I saw and smelled the smoke from my balcony.  Again it was... Continue Reading →

BacktoBodrum: Misinformed

From the eyes of an expat living on the Turkish shores.  What she sees vs. what the Greeks believe.  Very sad.  And in the end, still not a lot of hope for the refugess.  To read the full story, click here:  BacktoBodrum: Misinformed

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