Missing Home . . . Ankara

I have been back in the States for almost 2 weeks now.  My "vacation" actually started two days early.  Having received a call that one of my sisters collapsed at work, I flew home immediately.  In almost 2 weeks, my Abla has gone from very grim hopes of survival, to talking and eating, enduring an 11 hour... Continue Reading →

Dear Friends

Dear Friends, Due to a family emergency, I am back in the States for a few weeks.  If I get time, I will write a post from here.  For now, I hope you are happy with reviewing some of my former posts. Thanks for reading my blog! Love and peace, Terry

Welcome to My Home

My husband arrived in Ankara six months before me.  With much to be done to prepare for his new bride's arrival, he set out looking for an apartment to rent.  During that period, he sent lots of photos of apartments and neighborhoods.  We finally settled on one in Aşağı Ayrancı. The first thing he did, was... Continue Reading →

My Apologies . . .

My blog was down briefly this morning.  My apologies if this affected you.  I was busy adding a new domain name.  You can still reach me the old way, but if youwant something easy to remember, it's AdventuresInAnkara.com! Nothing has changed - just the new domain name so you will remember me! I appreciate your... Continue Reading →

The thing about snow is . . .

It's been snowing for a few days here in Ankara.  We probably have over 14 inches of it.  It's beautiful.  Children are building snowmen.  My husband is hailing me with snowballs.  But as always, with snow comes trouble. Ankara, and likely most of Turkey, is not prepared to handle snowfall.  I learned this a couple of... Continue Reading →

What’s Hot? Brownies!

There's a new recipe posted for Koray's Quick Cocoa Brownies!  Perfect every time!  And yummy and easy to boot!  Complete with both American and Turkish ingredients! Click here to see the recipe, or visit the Culinary Corner for more! Afiyet Olsun!

Art with Rolling Pins

Shortly after I started living in sin with my future husband back in Philadelphia, his mother came to visit.  That was an "adventure" in and of itself and of course, a whole nuther story.  But I do want to tell you about my lesson in rolling pins. Yes, that's right.  I said "rolling pins."  In the... Continue Reading →

Times Certainly are Changing

Progress.  A forward or onward movement.  Merriam-Webster. But sometimes progress can mean taking steps back. Last night, I decided I would make a simple dinner, spaghetti, a meal my husband used to make for himself quite frequently when we were apart.  Boil water.  Add pasta.  Open jar of sauce.  Dump on top.  Easy right? Not... Continue Reading →

Learning to Speak Turkish . . .

Today, I will attempt to buckle down and really start learning the Turkish language.  I have been in Ankara almost a full year.  So far, I find it pretty easy to get around without knowing the language.  It seems there are many Turks who know a little English.  When I am at a complete standstill, I always... Continue Reading →

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