Cakes & Bakeries for All Occasions – Ankara

Do you need a birthday cake shaped like a frog?  How about an anniversary cake designed like X-Box?  And cupcakes . . . mmmmmm . . . cupcakes!!!???  Thanks to a wonderful group of Ankara expats, this list was gathered so that you can find the right cake at the right price!


Vanilla Bean Cupcake with a Heart Photo courtesy of Two Chicks Bakery
Vanilla Bean Cupcake with a Heart


  • Guilty Pleasures – We here at AIA are taking orders for home baked sweets and treats.  You can read more about it by clicking on our post here.  Local pickup and possible delivery in Ankara only.  Below is an “Elsa” (from Disney’s Frozen) double-layer brownie birthday cake and accompanying mini brownies.  Pretty nice for a first order, eh?  Contact



  • Semotti’s Bakery – Located in Ankara, Sema bakes up the usual sweet treats like cakes, cupcakes, and cookies.  In addition, she carries gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free products.  She even carries Manti, Turkish Pasta (makarna) and granola!  Check out AIA’s blog post for more information!
  • Here are two websites for thematic cakes in Ankara, I did not have the chance to order cakes from any of them myself, but they seem professional, not cheap though, I think roughly it is calculated like 10 tl per slice/person, so a 10 person cake would be 100 tl…Liva might be cheaper indeed, but with these two options you can order designs according to needs.”
Chocolate Covered Strawberries! Photo courtesy of Two Chicks Bakery
Chocolate Covered Strawberries!
Photo courtesy of Two Chicks Bakery
  • Tatli Seruven – “Katkı maddesi kullanmadan, temalı butik pasta, kurabiye ve cupcake’ler yapıyorum. Çocukların damak zevkine uygun creme patisserie  kullanarak, istenen lezzetlerle tatlandırarak yapmaktayım pastalarımı. Konuya uygun kurabiyeler de tereyağlı (zencefil ve tarçınlı-portaklal kabuğu aromalı- limon kabuğu aromalı ya da vanilyalı) hazırlanmakta.  Çeşitli ülkelerde( Roma, New York, Atina) uzun süreli yaşadım. Burada da çeşitli kurslara katıldım. Bu konuda bir  blogum da var. Size fikir vermesi açısından, blogumdan ilgili linklere bakabilirsiniz. İyi akşamlar…”
    Meltem Kışlal Çıplak   0538 725 24 22  ve

    Photo courtesy of Tatli Seruven
    (Sweet Adventures)

    1/2013 Update – I recently purchased a cake, cupcakes and cookies from Tatli Seruven.  I am happy to announce that the owner spoke English well enough for me to complete the order!


  • “The best cakes are made by Perihan Seyfi tel 05333428479″
  • “You can check Turta Cafe at Umitkoy behind Galleria Mall. You can get the best thematic cake there.”
  • Banu Ucak, Temali Pastalar:
Look what the Stork Brought – cake by Temali Pastalar
  • “I can highly recommend Liva. It is a well-known choclaterie in Ankara. They have a very wide repertoire, little bit pricy, though. ”

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  1. Having moved from Ankara to İzmir three years ago, I still miss the capital… While in Ankara, my favourite places for cake/coffee were Coccinella in Ahmet Mithat Efendi Sokak, in Çankaya where they had excellent soups as well and Biscotti Mia on Uğur Mumcu. Enjoy Ankara…

  2. hello from Greece, I would like to order my Birthday cake and I would like to know if you can help me to do it. I’ll be in Ankara 20/10 and my birthday is 22/10 Is it possible or not? thank you in advance. best regards, Mary

  3. Hello, i stumble upon your page and find it extremely useful for good baking ideas and a good read. I visit my in-laws once or twice a year and during my visits I do sometimes bake cookies and cakes for give aways or for tea during visits to relatives homes or simply to go with the many çay sessions we have in a typical day. Where do you normally shop for your baking needs? At times Gimsa or Beğengik don’t have what I am looking for, like silicone baking tray, piping bags or even cake boxes and cake boards. I would appreciate it if anyone can list down a shop or two where I can find a wider range of baking needs. Thank you.. Meanwhile I’ll keep browsing your page.

    1. Hello and thanks for reading the blog! Most kitchen stores in malls sell a lot of silicon items and piping bags. Grocery stores usually have piping bags too. For cake boxes, you have to search online and order them. There are a couple of small stores where the wholesalers are in Gimat that have great supplies. There is also one larger store there,

  4. Thank you so much. I shall make my way to Gimat one of these days and check out the site soon. Have good days ahead.

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