I recently had the opportunity to meet two new, warm, and friendly faces here in Ankara.  They invited me to dinner at one of their favorite spots, minkaa, a restaurant located on 415.Cad., close to the United Nations building. The story is that minkaa is named after the traditional clay pots usually used to cook... Continue Reading →


CerModern - a local art gallery, among other things, is supported by the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (Türkiye Seyahat Acentaları Birliği). The beautifully restored building, resting peacefully beside rustling train tracks, was previously a repair shop for railroad cars. It is now considered an example of “contemporary museum architecture.” In its 11,500 square meters, CerModern... Continue Reading →


UPDATE 7/24/2012 - Sadly, Lemontree closed a couple of months ago.  Thanks to Steve and his crew for the great food and good times!  And good luck with your new gig! Apparently, there's another new kid in town, the crepe cafe known as "Lemontree."  To be fair, owners Steven and Filiz have been around town... Continue Reading →

Date Night – Dinner & Macbeth

Wednesday was Date Night - dinner and a show.  I got all dolled up and had my hair done.  Unfortunately, I am still not able to communicate clearly with the hairdressers here.  I wanted the hair blown out with a bit of a soft curl towards the bottom.  I came out looking like Shirley Temple.... Continue Reading →

Quick China – Restaurant Review

When I first visited Quick China in G.O.P. (Gaziosmanpaşa), I was unprepared to review it.  I had gone with a new friend to check out the lunch buffet and drink wine.  So that's what we did. Recently, I had the occasion to visit Quick China again, this time at its Bilkent location.  In Ankara, Quick... Continue Reading →

Mezzaluna (via Eating Ankara)

I ate at Mezza Luna last night, at the Bilkent location. Intstead of creating a restaurant review, I decided to repost from another blog, Eating Ankara. The restaurant was rather throughly reviewed and I have just a few notes to add. The Bilkent location is not as glamorous as dining in GOP. It's in a... Continue Reading →

Sausages & Shots

Friday night was another gorgous evening for a stroll through the neighborhood.  It also became a lovely date night.  I had received an invitation from the Turkish American Association (TÜRK-AMERİKAN DERNEĞİ) for one of its special events.  It was walking distance so we headed on over.  (Still shopping for a car!) The TAA , with... Continue Reading →

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