Fill My Last Request

Last week, a group of friends fell into a conversation about death, the afterlife, and reincarnation.  One of the older women expressed her fear of dying.  She said it was not so much because of her age, but rather, because she enjoys life so much!  She is very active politically, socially, and so forth.  She... Continue Reading →

Date Night – Dinner & Macbeth

Wednesday was Date Night - dinner and a show.  I got all dolled up and had my hair done.  Unfortunately, I am still not able to communicate clearly with the hairdressers here.  I wanted the hair blown out with a bit of a soft curl towards the bottom.  I came out looking like Shirley Temple.... Continue Reading →

Language and Pepin the Short

This morning I signed on to Facebook and found that today is a former teacher's birthday.  I quickly wished him a "dogum günün kutlu olsun," but I wanted to add a quote from Pepin the Short.  I couldn't find one.  You see, Mr. D. was my history teacher in the 9th grade.  He taught "World Cultures" and... Continue Reading →

Rants . . .

"Fear of the Law" has prevented me from writing freely this past year.  Since I wasn't raised here, I don't fully understand how things work.  But I do know that many people have been prosecuted for "insulting Turkishness" under the Turkish criminal code.  I'm not afraid to say that I am afraid of that.  I... Continue Reading →

Quick China – Restaurant Review

When I first visited Quick China in G.O.P. (Gaziosmanpaşa), I was unprepared to review it.  I had gone with a new friend to check out the lunch buffet and drink wine.  So that's what we did. Recently, I had the occasion to visit Quick China again, this time at its Bilkent location.  In Ankara, Quick... Continue Reading →

A Reflection on Friends

Next week will be ten months since I made Turkey my home.  Time passes quickly, and at the same time, moves at the same slow pace of that snail I think is living in my Christmas tree. This morning, I have taken some time to reflect on my friendships, both old and new.  As we... Continue Reading →

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