Burger King – Crushing the Environment

You may remember a post I wrote a while back about McDonalds.  I was flabbergasted by their use of the #7 styrofoam container here in Turkey.  Well, it seems Burger King is no better.

Today I was in one of those moods again.  Trying to get some house work done.  I still hadn’t gone to the market for groceries since our trip.  And I was feeling the urge for American junk food.  So I ordered the Whopper meal.

You know I love ordering things online.  There’s nothing like something being delivered to your door!  I love those packages arriving with electronics, clothes, sporting goods, and more.  Here in Turkey, it’s food.  They deliver whatever you want on a moped at no extra charge.  But I am seriously going to have to reconsider this habit of mine.  Besides the obvious, the weight on my belly and the lightness of my wallet, I guess I am also contributing to the killing of trees and other bad-for-the-environment procedures simply by ordering.

Take my Whopper meal for instance.  The whopper came wrapped in paper, just like in the U.S.  But then they put it inside of a styrofoam container.  (Yep, number 7).  It was then sealed with a big round sticker.

The fries were in their usual cardboard container.  Then stuck inside of a brown paper bag.

Sodas are delivered in a can.

I asked them not to send accompaniments, so of course they sent ketchup and mustard – which come in non-recyclable plastic containers, 3 packs of salt, and the usual straw and napkins (more napkins than they would give you if you ate at the restaurant – which is only one.)

All of these things were neatly wrapped up inside another large paper bag, sealed with another sticker.

Wrapping from a BK Whopper Meal

That’s a lot of paper and plastic for 3 food items, don’t you think?  Bad, BK, bad, bad!

7 thoughts on “Burger King – Crushing the Environment

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    1. i’m just waiting for your movie to come out – the european carrie bradshaw. hopefully, you’ll remember me when . . . XOXOXO

  1. Amazed at the delivery phenomenon………but not at the use of the #7 styro. Just found out that allegedly, plastic shopping bags are not allowed on Bozcaada! Sometimes Turkey feels so contradictory, doesn’t it?

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