Info for Visitors and Expats

Whether you are planning on visiting Turkey, moving here, or have lived here for years, there is always a need for more information.  On this page, I have attempted to gather various types of information for you.

Please contact me if you have something to add, share, or if links don’t work.  You should also check back often as I am constantly updating these pages.  You can email me at

Ankara Links & Info – this page covers everything:  bus schedules, movie listings, TV schedules, English language newspapers, Embassy info, maps, weather, and so much more!

Kids Enjoy Ankara Too! – this page gives great coverage of things for kids to do in Ankara.

Cell Phone Registration – rules are always changing.  Be sure to read the comments.

Health care  – a list of doctors and hospitals suggested by fellow expats, useful links, and links to my blog posts on health care.

Tourism – information on some of my favorite Turkish tourist destinations (and around the world) with info on how to get there, travel tips, what to see, and more!

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  1. Hello, I have also moved to Ankara recently, atulohgh my bf is not Turkish and I can move around in Turkish without any major problem (English is not my mother language either, but my education here is in English). Your blog is very nice, congratulations!

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