Photos and Question of the Day

Below are photos from my husband's birthday breakfast, back in March.  Just kidding Hon, I know it was April.  Anyway, I came across these photos today and upon further inspection, there is one dish I know I baked, but I have no idea what it is!  Do you? And yes, I baked a cake.  ... Continue Reading →

We don’t do gloves!

Sometimes I am greatly amazed by little things in Turkey's healthcare system.  Like the fancy machines.  You name it.  Turks have it.  Lots of lights and shiny metals.  And the pharmacies.  Sure, you need a prescription for some things, but there's a lot of good stuff you can get without it.  Not to sound like... Continue Reading →

Masala Cafe Revisited

There's been a lot of discussion here in Ankara since I wrote my first post about Masala Cafe.  That was April 2010, shortly after my arrival to this great city.  As you may recall, (or can see from that review), I loved the restaurant! The restaurant is located in my neighborhood, so I frequented it... Continue Reading →

Air Pollution in Ankara

In 2008, Ankara was listed as one of the world's worst cities for air pollution. The large increase in natural gas prices and the distribution of free coal by municipalities prior to local elections has led to an enormous jump in pollution levels in Ankara, reaching 9,350 micrograms per cubic meter in the Sıhhiye district.... Continue Reading →

Photos of the Day

On Sunday, as I was leaving Eymir Golu (the lake owned by METU) and about to turn on to the highway, I saw this: I realize it looks like a rather rural area, but we truly were turning here to get on to the highway.  And he wasn't alone!  On the other side of the... Continue Reading →

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