Mutlu Yıllar

It's New Year's Eve around the world.  In Ankara, it is celebrated much like it is in other countries, with parties, dinner, and friends.  However, in Turkey, there is a twist.  Many people are adding traditional Christmas festivities to their New Year's celebrations.  In Ankara, I have many friends who have New Year's trees with all of... Continue Reading →


Well, the week of my sister visiting has come to an end.  Early this morning we headed to the Ankara airport en route to a white Christmas in Munich.  We arrived at the airport around 4:45 a.m. only to find that the flight was cancelled due to fog in Ankara.  That's right, not due to... Continue Reading →


One of my sisters came to visit.  She had a rough flight from Philly to Munich.  Followed by a two hour delay in the Munich airport due to snow - a total of 6 hours sitting in the airport. We didn't do much Wednesday night.  We had  a quick dinner of soup and salad, and... Continue Reading →

Where to “Buy” Christmas in Ankara

As you know, Christmas is not celebrated in Turkey.  However, Christmas trees, lights, and carols are popping up every where.  Even on the TV commercials.  Turks have adapted the Christmas holiday as a New Years' celebration.  "Christmas" gifts are even becoming popular for the New Year's holiday. As an expatriate, I have learned to adapt... Continue Reading →

The Ghost of Christmas Past

Often, my mind wanders quickly, from one idea to the next.  I have entire conversations with others in my head.  This morning was no different.  The following thoughts occurred in approximately a 10 second flash in my brain: As I sat on my balcony drinking my morning cup of joe, wanderings of Christmas popped into... Continue Reading →

I Know You Are, But What Am I?

Turks are Turks.  It's a relatively new phenomena here that some Turks are identified as Kurds or from other cultures.  And in fact, most of those Kurds and others would have likely told you they were Turks, until recently.  I have read many articles where Kurds call themselves Turks first.  It's the Turks who more... Continue Reading →

A Breath of Fresh Air

Yesterday I had the opportunity to volunteer as a native speaker for an English conversation class at the Turkish American Association in Ankara.  It was more of an informal gathering of Turkish women who simply want to practice their English skills. I enjoyed the class.  I am told that sometimes they discuss current issues and... Continue Reading →

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