Papa’s Pumpkin Pie

It's that time of year again and expats are scrambling to make a Pumpkin Pie!  It's not so easy to figure out on your own.  And why bother when I have already done it in Turkey! I must admit, I never baked a pumpkin pie from scratch until I moved to Turkey and it was... Continue Reading →

Turkish Cooking in English!

A big congratulations to our friend Ozlem at Ozlem's Turkish Table.  She has published her first cookbook and I can't wait to read it!  I just finished ordering my copy.  Yes, she ships to the US! Ozlem's blog has been my go-to for Turkish cooking.  Why just this past weekend I paid her blog a... Continue Reading →

Watermelon, Tomato & Feta Salad with Mint

It's hot here in Ankara, really hot.  But that didn't stop me from finding a great way to enjoy breakfast, other than the typical Turkish buffet-style (which is fabulous, but gets old sometimes.)  This morning it was another "what's in the house" kind of breakfast.  I had all of these items in either my fridge... Continue Reading →

Leek Recipes!

Yesterday was a holiday and instead of spending time celebrating the Turkish Republic Day, or spending time with family, I found myself spending the day in the kitchen!  No surprises here . . . There were a few too many herbs and vegetables fading away in my refrigerator along with a couple of other items.... Continue Reading →

Apple Fritters for Breakfast!

On the weekends, my husband and I sit down for breakfast.  Most times it is as simple as eggs, or cheeses, olives and bread.  Today there were no eggs and no bread in the house.  And I just wasn't "feeling" a walk to the store.  So while he slept, I started brainstorming. I had picked... Continue Reading →

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