Please help buy tents for earthquake victims!

A friend here has started a campaign to raise money to buy tents for the earthquake victims.  This is a more direct route to donate, getting around the red tape. Below is information directly from her.  Please send a comment or email me at and I will send you the details on how to... Continue Reading →

Turkey is Grieving

Last week, I was checking out a friend on facebook and noticed her profile pic (a small icon) was all black.  When I clicked on it, I found a black picture, with a white flower and a red ladybug.  Being the nosy-body that I am, I let her know that she needed to adjust her... Continue Reading →

Eurasia Marathon 2011

This past weekend was Eurasia Marathon - a run that starts in Asia and ends in Europe!  You may remember that last year my husband participated in the Eurasia marathon events by running an 8k.  This year he stepped it up a notch, running the 15k.  My nephew, who has been studying this semester in... Continue Reading →

Vegetarian Cravings

Anyone who says they "know me" knows two things about me.  1 - I am far from being vegetarian, and 2- I can cook a meal from nothing.  Literally.  Today, the two finally came together. As I was working from home today, it was getting close to the hour where I usually say to myself,... Continue Reading →

The Elusive “Kekik”

Oh kekik, how you have eluded me. I started cooking at a very tender age with my Easy Bake Oven, which used a light bulb as it's heating source.  I loved that hoodad!  Sometimes, when I was very lucky, Mom would buy me a boxed mix at the gracoery store, designed especially for my oven. ... Continue Reading →


So now it's October, Ekim.   The days are still bright and sunny.  The evenings have become crisp and chilly. My thoughts have turned to things I enjoyed in the States.  Going to the old Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia for the Halloween tours.  Selecting and carving a pumpkin.  Planting mums.  Haunted hayrides while enjoying... Continue Reading →

Living with Bomb Threats

On September 20th, a bomb went off in the neighborhood of Kizilay, about a 10-15 minute walk from my home.  I was walking down a street in my neighborhood at the time.  I saw the big cloud of smoke, and thought nothing of it. I didn't hear anything.  Moments later, a good friend called to... Continue Reading →

American Groceries!!

I'm dying here . . . So this past week, I was invited to tour a certain undisclosed location in Ankara.  I was very excited about going.  I had heard about it many times, but never had the opportunity. It was a grocery store.  But not just that.  It was an American grocery store.  The... Continue Reading →

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