Time to Start Seeds Indoors!

I love gardening! I LOVE GARDENING! In Turkey, it's easy to find certain vegetables when in season.  They are usually cheap and readily available at all markets and pazars.  But still, there is nothing like a vegetable herb grown in your garden and hand-picked for your meal. I don't have a garden space in Ankara,... Continue Reading →

Today’s Photo

Here's something you don't see too often in Turkey - a DIY tile project!  Labor is relatively cheap here, so most simply hire someone.  I say "relatively" because prices of everything seem to be on the rise . . . everything but salary. The tile project is not quite done.  We came across a lot... Continue Reading →

Limes!!! (or green lemons?)

I have seen limes from time to time in Turkey, but not often. The first time was on vacation at a restaurant in Kas. I hunted them down afterwards and finally found one store selling them. They were imported and extremely expensive. More recently, I have seen them at specialty shops usually around the holidays. ... Continue Reading →

Cherry Cobbler from scratch

When I was a kid, I always requested the same cake from Mom, a white box cake, with light blue icing and decorated with cherries.  It wasn't that I liked this cake so much, it was that I thought it looked pretty.  I loved blue and I loved cherries. Eventually I moved on to dark... Continue Reading →

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