Creating Happiness in the Workplace – help on retaining employees

Turkey’s economy has not been so great lately.  People are struggling to find jobs.  The daily news is alarming.  At the same time, Turks are finally “coming into their own.”  They won’t be beaten down any longer.  They are fighting for a true democracy. They are searching for happiness.

Searching for happiness.  This is true in so many ways.  But quitting a good job because one isn’t happy?  Does it happen in Turkey?

Yep, it does (and in my opinion, it should happen more often)!

I had a great conversation last week with a Turk who has his own business.  In my four years here, I have never had a conversation, or heard one, like this. He spoke about how important it was to him to have happy employees.  HAPPY!

It’s become so common in the West for managers to spend time learning how to manage.  No longer are they thrown into the position without skills and training, not so much anyway. A manager’s job is manifold.  One can get bogged down in the work.  But a good manager also knows – is trained to know –  how to keep an employee happy!  I don’t see much of that here in Ankara.  I do hope it is a growing trend.

I came across this great blog post that I would like to share with you.  It’s a quick read with great information and tips for all of the Managers out there, regardless of borders.

Retaining good people when 80% are out there job-hunting

Take a look, whether you are a manager or not.  It may be helpful to you in your daily life, in business or at home.

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  1. I’m a utopian/impossiblist socialist so we come at work from opposite sides. I accept that I have to live in the system as is, but that doesn’t stop me from working for and hoping for its demise. As Bill Clinton was (not) wont to say – ‘It’s the system, stupid!’ 🙂

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