Another Update on Cell Phone (Mobile Phone) Registration in Turkey of Phones Purchased Abroad

UPDATE:  For more recent information, please also read, “Mission Accomplished!  How to Register a Foreign Mobile Phone in Turkey.  (March 2015.)  

UPDATE – April 2017 – Since I find that I get a lot of questions in comments that have already been answered in the more recent blog post (linked above) – I will no longer accept or respond to comments on this post.  Nor will I respond to those that have been answered on the newer post.

It has been a while since we posted about cell phone registration.  I don’t claim to be an expert – but I can tell you what I know so far.  It is basically a two-step process, unless you fumble.

It may also be helpful to review the prior posts – including the questions and answers in the comments.  Those can be found by clicking these links from December 2012:

cell phone

I am partially through the process now.  Here’s what I know:


Any phone purchased outside of Turkey must be registered.  There is a short period if you are only visiting, where you do not have to register the phone.  The timeline is not exactly clear.  But a Turk or a foreigner living in Turkey must register any phone bought from abroad.


  1. You must pay a fee (tax) at a bank branch.  Almost every bank does this.  This link provides the list of banks:
  2. At the bank, they will need your passport, your kimlik number, and the IMEI number for your phone.  They are not concerned about the date of entry at the bank.  But make sure it is legible and the correct amount of days. You will need that in the next step.  The kimlik number is NOT the number in your residence permit book.  It is a separate number.  If you don’t know your kimlik, you can find it using this website:  Be very careful when filling out this form.  Names must be exactly as registered.  For example, under “Adi” I filled in my first name and both of my middle names.  My parents names are written with their first and middle names.  After running the search, it will show your kimlik number.  Print the form and carry it with you.  It will make your life so much easier – at doctors offices, at banks – almost everywhere you go.
  3. If you don’t know how to find the IMEI number, google it.  It’s very easy.  For example, for the Samsung S4, you simply dial *#06# and it will appear.
  4. The fee/tax will be paid at the bank.  It is currently 131.50 TL.
  5. Be sure to get a receipt and check the IMEI number, kimlik number, and name are correct before you leave the bank.


I have not gotten to the next part yet – the actual registering of the phone.  But here is what I know and what I believe.

  1. After paying the tax, you must take your phone to Vodafone, Turkcell, or Avea.  It does not matter if which company.  If you have a Vodafone plan, you can still register it at the other company.  But not all branches register the phone.  This website has links to excel spreadsheets with all current locations for registering phones:  The links to the spreadsheets are under the third frequently asked question.  If you right-click on the page, you may have an option to translate the page – not perfect, but helpful.  Under the 2nd question are the names of the three companies.  Click on the name and the spreadsheet will open.
  2. Go to the company of your choice.  Expect a problem, that way if all goes well, you will be happy.  You will need your passport.  Make sure your last entry date to Turkey is legible – otherwise, you will find yourself heading to the main police station to get a list of your entry dates. UPDATE Feb. 3, 2015:  I went to Turkcell even though I use Vodafone service.  They said they couldn’t register it, but I pushed them.  Apparently, they send a message and receive a text message (SMS) with a password, in order to start the process.  However, it does not have to be your number they send the message to, as long as it is a Turkcell number.  So even though I was registering my phone, which has Vodafone service, i was able to do it at Turkcell using a friend’s Turkcell number.  The friend simply forwarded the SMS (with the password) to me.
  3. In addition to your passport, you also need to bring the receipt from the bank, your kimlik number, and the IMEI number from the phone again.  As I mentioned, I am about to do this part again.  Just to be safe, I will also bring my residence card.  These are the documents listed under the 3rd FAQ in the above link.
  4. As far as I can tell, this must be done within “one month” of entry.  There is no definition of how long a month is.

When Must the Phone Be Registered?

That brings us to the final “thing I think I know.”  The law says one phone registered per person per two “calendar years.”  There is no definition of a calendar year.  But I have a friend who tested it.  She did not wait two full years to register her phone and it worked.  For example, if the first phone is registered December 31, 2013, according to her experience, one could register another phone on January 1, 2015.  That’s two calendar years, but actually only one year and a couple of days.  I am going to try this and will let you know how it goes!

I suggest asking someone fluent in Turkish to look at the above links for you if you have other questions. Please feel free to comment, ask questions, and share your recent experiences.

UPDATE: Feb. 3, 2015 – HOW WILL YOU KNOW THE REGISTRATION IS FINAL?  After registering the phone, your phone is actually only “temporarily” registered until the proper authorities review the paperwork.  You can check the status by plugging your IMEI number into this website:  If you get the following message, it means that the phone is temporarily registered, and you should check back for the final determination:  

IMEI numarası abone kayıt merkezince geçici olarak kayıt altına alınmış olup Kurum tarafından evrakları kontrol aşamasındadır.

If your phone was not registered, the most likely reason is that there was a typo in your name or IMEI number during registration.  It would be wise to check these numbers on the paperwork before you leave the provider’s store.

UPDATE:  February 18, 2015 – STILL WAITING – I have been checking the status of the registration every day.  it’s been a full 10+ business states, and the phone is still only temporarily registered.    

UPDATE:  March 3, 2015 – I checked the website again.  It’s been about a week or so since I last checked it.  The Turkish message is:  


That means the phone did not register.  However, it is still working and I have not received an SMS message to inform me that it is not registered.

UPDATE:  MARCH 4, 2015 – We called BTK.  They said Turkcell deleted the registration.  We called the Turkcell store and the person answering said they would not do it in the store, it must be the headquaters. She didn’t know why this would be deleted. We asked her if we can get the original paperwork back (because I now only have a copy of the receipt from the bank).  She said she will check with her coworkers there since there was no one else in the store yet.

We will try to get the original paperwork from the bank (either from Turkcell or the bank where we paid the fee) and then apply for registration again at Vodafone, my service provider.  The law allows 60 days to register after entry to the country.  My time which will expire on the 5th or 6th of March.  

UPDATE:  MARCH 5, 2015 – MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! – Thanks to a student at ODTU, I learned that registration could be done completely online – without the help of a mobile phone company – especially not Turkcell!  You will need a password for the system which can be purchased for 2TL at any PTT.  I will be writing a new blog post on this soon with the “how to” details.  In less than 30 minutes, we registered the phone ourselves and checked the link above.  “IMEI NUMARASI KAYITLI” – The cell phone is REGISTERED!

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      1. What happen if refuse to register my phone? and ıf ı go to other country ı am free to use ıt? just ın turkey ı cant?

  1. The last bit doesn’t quite make sense, can you clear it up? You said the law dictates one phone per year, then said your friend “didn’t wait two full years”. So is the law one phone per one or two years? The “calendar” definition is interesting though. I think I registered mine late 2013, which means it’s high time for an upgrade!

    (Also, and now I’m just in proof-read mode, “But I have a friend her tested it”..?)

  2. Sorry about the typos. It’s one phone, two calendar years. But my friend did register one in less than two – the dates were two different years, i.e, 2012 and 2014, but actually less than two.

  3. Does coming back from Northern Cyprus count as entry from a foreign country if I use my passport to travel? Could I register a phone after this trip?

  4. I have no idea. I imagine if you are on the Greek side it does. But generally, going to the Turkish side, they do not stamp your passport. Rather, they give you a little piece of paper and they stamp that. But again – I can’t say for sure.

  5. In november I registered my son’s telephone. It was 60 days since the entry date stamp.
    Anyway, there are some discrepancies between the law and what is applied by turkcell. This might be a reason why things aren’t always clear.

  6. I registered my phone today in Ankara. First I paid 131.5 TL in Ziraat Bank Mustafa Kemal Mahallesi Sube and they gave a receipt including the IMEI and my Work Permit number. I then brought my passport, work permit card and the receipt from Ziraat Bank to Turkcell in Kentpark AVM Shopping Center. All Ziraat Bank and Turkcell staffs I met know how to do that very well and are very efficient. Turkcell charged me another 20 TL for registration and also cut my Simcard to fit into my new Iphone.

    1. Hello Yenigun and thanks for reading the blog! I too went to Turkcell at Kentpark. That was Feb. 3rd. As of today, I still do not have confirmation of the registration, using the link above. Also, Turkcell did not charge any fee to register my phone, even though I am not their customer.

  7. Why they charged me 20 TL..for cutting the simcard?
    I checked the status by using the link and it indicates that mine is also temporily registered. Hope that we can still use our phones even they are consistently ‘temporily registered’ in official record.

    1. Cutting the sim card is usually free too. In fact, they only cut it because they were out of minis. In that case, I usually go to another store until I find one. It’s usually either free or 10TL, unless the price went up. But I wouldn’t pay for a cut one. 😦 I had to force them to register my phone. They insisted that they wouldn’t do another company. I agree that he seemed to know what he was doing. But still, he did not want to be bothered with it. Good luck with the registration!

      1. Today I received a message saying that my phone will be closed on May 1. I begin to doubt whether they have successfully registered my cellphone.

    2. Yenigun, I wrote a reply below – in addition, I just checked the website and it says my phone is not registered. But it is still working and I have not received an SMS notification.

  8. When did you first start using the phone here, Yenigun? I had gotten a message that I had 60 days, but it was shortly after I got the phone. It may just be a standard message. Don’t give up hope!

    1. I think I began using this phone from Feb 28 so it means I also have 60 days. One of my friend told me Turkcell normally asked their client to buy a new simcard otherwise they will only registered the phone for 6 months. That is why my doubt arises because I am now using my old simcard. Anyway, I will ask my Turkish friend to call them and share the response with you.

      Plus, after I enter the IMEI in the IMEI SORGULAMA site, there is no message except for ‘the information on the website is only for your reference”.

      1. I think your friend is wrong. Turkcell has no say over how long a phone can be registered. That is the government’s decision. I believe tourist phone is only 60 days. But if you are a resident, once it is registered it is forever. Check the website again, perhaps you put the number in incorrectly. This is all too weird. Someone else also messaged me with problems with Turkcell.

      1. Yenigun – I went to the PTT and got a password to register the phone myself online. It cost 2TL. Ask for E-bilet sifre. My husband used it and did the registration. Within 30 minutes we checked on it and the registration was complete, not temporarily registered. I will add details on how to register it in the next day or so. Good luck!

    2. Hi..i bought my phone at saudı arabıa last year and when we come here ın ankara last july 2916 i started usıng thıs phone..and just now ı recıeve a news that my phone wıll close after 3 months..ın a normal happenıng from the day you enter ın turkey and start usıng the phone how many months should ı regıster thıs?

  9. I’ve got a related (messy) situation. I registered my phone back in September 2013, and have had no problems…until February 2015, when I received a message from Turkcell that my phone would be shut off because the IMEI was not registered. It definitely was registered — over a year ago. I know someone else who ran into this exact same situation, but they did not shut down the registered-and-then-unregistered phone on the date indicated.

    1. Hi David! Thanks for reading the blog. I was aware of your situation from the expat group. Turkcell is apparently causing the problem – routinely deleting the registrations from their system. They don’t give a reason why, and the government is not following up on it. My phone should be turned off tomorrow. I learned yesterday that we can register our own phones online, without sending in any paperwork. A password is required to do it. The password is obtained from the PTT. I will try this today and let you know how it goes. As far as the shutdown date – I think it is willy nilly. They do it when they feel like it. Once this is all over, I intend to find a member of the Turkish press to expose all of this – and hopefully force the Turkish government to investigate Turkcell!

  10. Hi! Thanks a million for sharing your experience.
    We just had 3 (out of 4) phones blocked by Türkcell since 1 week, and they do not seem to know how to unblock the phones again. We paid the taxes and registrered 4-5 months ago. We thought, but when I follow your instructions I can see that our IMEA numbers are not registered at all!
    Türkcell told us today that new rules are being published Tuesday and that after this, they will know how to help us. We asked them to call BTK but they say it is not possible! Can you possibly explain how you register the phone yourself with the PTT code? The BTK homepage is in Turkish, how did you do? And how do you provide the documents over the internet?

    1. Hi Eva, so sorry you are going through this mess too. Calling BTK is worth a shot, but they will likely blame it on Turkcell. Turkcell has been canceling the registrations – and they don’t say why. They have also charged for registrations, one for 20 TL and one for 70TL! I will post the info tomorrow. The website is Turkish, so you will probably need help. You don’t submit docs – they just ask for the information. You will need the kimlik number, passport, receipt of payment, and the ptt passcode. Since you are past 60 days, you may have a problem since you paid the tax prior to that. I just don’t know.

  11. I just called BTK and got someone who speaks some English.
    Apparently all our registrations are fine and approved by BTK, he could not tell me exactly why the phones have been blocked. He talked about paperwork and approval of our documents, and I got the impression that he did not know.
    However, he said that I should call Turkcell on 4440532 (not to go and see them as I already did twice this week) early next week and ask them to update the phones. We will try this and if it still does not work, we will have to find someone who speaks and reads Turkish fluently to help us with the online registration.
    We just came back from holiday abroad one week ago, so maybe there will be no problem with the 60 days rule.
    I will post the outcome next week! Wish me luck!

      1. thanks for the post and please let us know how the online registration process worked.
        post a step by step guide if possible


      2. Hi again
        Sorry for not getting back before, I left Turkey for a trip home this Tuesday and have been very busy.

        Anyway, our phones were very surprisingly unblocked Saturday evening.
        I never got the chance to call Turkcell Monday as the BTK guy advised me to.

        We have no clue why all of a sudden the phones were blocked and no clue why it took one week to have them unblocked. So I guess there is not so much useful information for people in the same situation.

        Only thing I can recommend is to call BTK as you also advised me too! Thanks for your advice!

  12. Hello! Great post about it!
    I am living in Bursa and unfortunately I couldn`t register within 60 days after my arrival so now I will have to use my friend’s passport to do it.
    So I would like the exact steps to register it online. Have you did the post already? Because I could not find it =(
    Thank you very much in advance!

  13. I registered my phone in September 2013, and used it without problem through January 2015. Then, I received the text from Turkcell at the beginning of February that my phone was not registered, and would be cut off in 60 days. I checked the IMEI website indicated by Terry, which gave me this message:

    KAYITDIŞI OLDUGU TESPİT EDİLEN IMEI.Geçici süre ile eşleştirme (turist vb.) yapılmıştır.

    Yesterday, I went to Turkcell, who told me to go to BTK. I did. The worker there showed my phone is registered (with a “forever” registration, not a temporary one) in the BTK system. However, the IMEI website still was showing “KAYITDIŞI OLDUGU TESPİT EDİLEN IMEI.Geçici süre ile eşleştirme (turist vb.) yapılmıştır.” I showed that to the BTK employee. He again confirmed that my phone is permanently registered in their system.

    Has anyone else encountered and/or resolved this?

    1. Hi, T. I went to the same Turkcell store in Kentpark and showed them the receipt from the bank as well as Turkcell. The staff there seem to know nothing and only googled for an answer (if it exists). No doubt, they failed as I did.

  14. Terry, can you please also provide instructions on what to say/ask for at the PTT? I’m not a native speaker, but could bring one — but I’d need to tell what I’m asking for. Thanks!

  15. Today I used the link to check my registrationstatus. It reads Sistemde yaşanan bir teknik aksaklık nedeni ile işleminiz tamamlanamadı…seem the website breaks down..

  16. Terry, I’ve now got the password from the PTT. Would it be possible for you to outline (perhaps by uploading screenshots) how to register the phone in the online system. It sounds like there are quite a few of us facing this dilemma.

  17. Having brought in an i-phone, I have contacted Turkcell to discover what they think is needed.
    (I have done this in the past and found some of their stuff rude and inconsiderate. But this lady was helpful.)
    She says you need
    1. Go to the local tax office and pay TL 131.5. Keep the receipt.
    2. Get the government office to give you a certificate of your residency addresss. Not your residence permit.)
    3. Bring your passport.
    4. Go to the police to get them to check electronically the date on which you entered the country. (Your passport stamp is not enough. Keep the document.
    5. Pay Turkcell TL 70 for being good enough to help you use your own equipment.

    I have had hideous inconvenience and rudeness in the past. So if it can be done electronically, I am on for it.
    Where is the site at which you tell people how to do this?

    (I am a Turkish speaker, so no problems on that front.)

  18. Hi there! I seem to be getting conflicting information. From reading your blog, it seems you do the necessary paperwork and then head to the service provider, but some people say you have to go to the foreign police bureau, drop off some paper work and pick it up the next day then you can go to the service provider?

    1. Wayne , this procedure is not just for foreigners. Registering a telephone brought in from abroad applies to Turkish nationals too. Getting police confirmation of the day when you entered the country (so that they can be sure you are doing it within the 30 day limit) applies to everybody. I can imagine that in some large offices, the police can only produce the document overnight but that is a purely administrative matter.

      The real registration is done by Turkcell.

      1. Thank you for the reply, but I am afraid your information is not correct. Please read the newest post (link is in comment above.) A police confirmation is not necessary – in fact, this is the first I have ever heard of that and I just registered last month. Turkcell has caused a TON of problems – and are not supposed to be charging for this service. It can all be done online now by yourself with a password from the PTT. The time limit was changed to 60 days, it is no longer 30. And the passport stamp, if legible, is enough.

      2. Thank you. I suppose what is necessary is what the local Turkcell office will accept. This may perhaps vary. My statement is based on what a polite and seemingly efficient member of their staff told me yesterday. I think it is clear that here they will not proceed without the police statement and the TL70 payment. I don’t think that telling them that these are not required will cut much ice.
        When I last registered a phone three or so years ago, a much less pleasant Turkcell lady insisted on me getting a certificate of my address from the local muhtar. When I did, the document was perfectly legible and clear — and in any case I was already a Turkcell customer and receiving a monthly bill from them at that address — but she that the seal stamp on the photocopy was smudged, she insisted on sending me back for another. At the local population office, they said the original was perfectly valid. When I told her this, she said she didn’t believe me! (Of course I had got a second one so things proceeded.)

        As I mentioned in an earlier post, that registration collapsed after three months. So I got the papers together again, including the muhtar’s certificate of my address with an indisputably clear stamp on it. This time she insisted that the document had to come from the provincial population office Nüfüs Dairesi, and that one from the muhtar’s office was not valid. So back I had to go again. A Turkish lawyer friend said this was nonsense — but to get them to do what they do, you have to do what they want you to do. I am definitely trying the online registration method.

        I wonder if Turkcell head office have any idea that this sort of thing is going on. I shifted my mobile account to Vodafone as a result, but they say they cannot do the registration: Turkcell (?and posssibly Avea–anyone done that?) must.

    2. 1- make sure your passport has a stamp within 60 days, otherwise you need to go tot he police.
      2- go to bank and make payment
      3- go to ptt and purchase password. you need passport, resident card and kimlik number. I am told the kimlik number is in the newer resident cards.
      4- get online! no need to go to the provider. no need to send in the original paperwork (the banks does that and the govt office has access to the system to check your entry date)

  19. Qualifying my last message — all this applies only if you have to go via Turkcell. The on-line method, which I have yet to try, sounds much better.

    1. Turkcell used my passport, resident card and kimlik number. I have had tons of emails and comments in the past month – we all agree – don’t use Turkcell if you don’t have too. If you have to use a provider (and I don’t know why anyone would have to), try vodafone. They have fewer locations for registration, but there are no known issues with them. You do not have to register through your own provider.

  20. Please read the comments on the other post. Turkcell has been charging 35TL to 70TL – although they did not charge me last month! They have routinely deleted the registrations from their system, without explanation, including mine! Phone calls have been made to various offices, including the government, and no one knew why they were deleted. I highly suggest doing it yourself. It takes only a few minutes and final confirmation comes within minutes. Turkcell made us wait weeks to get final confirmation and the final word was that the phones were not registered properly!

  21. Hey Everyone !
    Ive been hearing rumours that the mobile networks have stopped this registration process.
    Recently , a friend of mine went to do his phone registration and after about two weeks when he went to the office(I’m not sure which one), he told me that they said ‘ he can go back home , that he should’nt bother about anything’.
    This then prompted me to put my Turkcell sim card into my blackberry 10 cellphone that was previously blocked AND guess what ? Its working. I dont know How or Why but its working.
    I think we should look more into this issue guys 🙂
    Thanks for the awesome post by the way 😉 Youre saving people in confusion hahaa.

  22. We can but pray! Turkcell yesterday didn’t think anything like that. Remember the phone would work for a time after you started using it in Turkey but eventually cut out until registered. Are you sure you are not simply enjoying that period of grace?
    Scrapping the charge would leave two groups of people worse off. (1) The Government which gets revenue from it. (2) Local telephone sales company which get protection. Without this registration charge, they would lose out. On the other hand if they pitched their prices closer to world levels, they would not face this challenge. Phone sales companies in other countries don’t need to be protected in this way.
    Please let us know how your telephone does over the next few weeks.

  23. Youre welcome all,
    Well , I’ve been in Turkey for 7 months now and it has been previously blocked before. Funnily its working now.
    And I would also be glad to let you know how my telephone fares over the next few weeks.

  24. Hello Ogala! Are you saying you 7 months ago, you didn’t do any of the registration process and your phone was blocked. Now, suddenly its working?? If so, that is awesome! I’ll be arriving in country next week for a year and been researching for months from forums, to blogs, and even from my work and all been given different procedures! I would even consider using my US SIM for a year and paid the price just to have connection!

  25. AdventuresinAnkara, I read your updated blog. I just realized the procedure might different for me because I will be with the military and don’t have residence book/permit. Therefore, I don’t think I can do the PTT and register online, bypassing the service provider.

  26. i wanted to ask can the process be done completely online?? you dont have to go anywhere? and is it necessary to have travelled in the last month? My phone was already registered but it stopped working so i got a new phone and i need to register that. I wanted to do it in my friend’s grandmother’s name (turkish), she hasnt travelled out of turkey and i didnt want to disturb her by taking her anywhere so if its completely online can i use this method? Your help would be really appreciated!
    Thank you

  27. Can I buy my boyfriend a second hand iPhone 5 and take it to him in Turkey? I’m going in 5 days…….
    Or do you have to buy a brand new one??? I’ve been searching all over the Internet for answers but I can’t find anything…….

    1. Hi Andres, Thanks for reading the blog. This link leads to the most recent registration information. The comments are very helpful on all three posts about cell phones.

      You can bring a used phone, but it has to be registered here within 60 days of entrance. You can only register it if you have a resident card. Your boyfriend can also register it with a resident card, only if he has been outside of the country withing the previous 60 days. After that, the phone is shut down until it is registered properly.

  28. Hey, thanks for a great blog!
    still waiting for the last update… on how to register online…!
    will I still need to get the other papers… IMEI etc.?

  29. can any one plz help me out ?
    i came in izmir on 6th oct. i applied for resident permit on 18th of oct with the help of a friend. 2 days back i got my kimlik number but still i didnt get my resident permit .. today i went to ziraat bank and paid the tax, then i went to PTT and got my password. i logged in to register my phone but there was a blank which required this one “ikamet Tezkere Numarası” that is like “11/123456” on the first page of residency book. but i havent got anything yet after applying for resident permit. can i search this number through my kimlik number ? or can i get this number by any other means ?
    please if any one know , do tell me ? i am really worried because i am left with only few days as i came in turkey on 6th of oct..
    i will be really thankful .. 😦

    1. I am sorry I don’t know the answer to this one. I am searching online to see if I can find anything. But you may try going to the office where you applied for the permit and ask if they can give you the number.

  30. Hey there! Thank you for the article, it is indeed very helpful!

    However, I have a question here. My sister studies in Turkey and I’m going to visit her and would like to bring a new cell phone with me (a gift). Is it alright for me to enter the country with a brand new cell phone in my luggage? Also, how could she then register this cell phone (she has been in Turkey for over 120 already)? Is that possible for her? Would not meeting the deadline have any implications?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hello and thanks for reading the blog! It’s a two part answer . . . Yes, you can bring one. Please do not check it in your luggage as it will be stolen. Technically, you can only carry one phone, but no one ever checks that. However, she will not be able to register it unless she leaves the country within 120 days of you bringing it here. The count actually starts when the sim card goes into the phone. The phone will be shut down after that time. If that happens, she will be able to get it unlocked if and when she does leave and return to Turkey.

      1. Hey there! Thanks a lot for your answer!

        Seriously? It will be stolen? I usually lock my luggage so nobody can actually open it, never had the stealing problem before… Anyway, it turns out she is staying less than 120 when I arrive in Turkey 🙂 but I have a question about locking though is it mandatory that the phone gets locked before it can be registered? Or can she just go with this phone to the authorities and lock it right away? Thank you again, the most useful blog really.

    1. First, you should not lock your luggage. They have a right to search your luggage, which happens often. If you lock it, they will break it any way they can to get into it. You have been very lucky! “Locking” the phone means she won’t be able to use it. Nothing will work after 120 days after the sim card is installed. If she is leaving within 120 days, she can use the phone without registering it. But she must register it as soon as she returns. The 120 days does not restart once she leaves.

      1. “Locking’ refers to preventing you using the phone with a Turkish SIM card. If you are using the card of another country and roaming, you can do that for as long as you like and there will be no interference. I actually use two sim cards alternately in my phone, one Turkish and the other of my counry of origin.

        There is also nothing to prevent you from registering the phone after 120 days if you leave the country and return and then go through the procedure. It is your time in Turkey since your last entry from abroad which counts.

      2. Thanks for the comment. I agree that once they leave they will be able to use it. But I know someone who has gone back and forth from Turkey. And his phone was locked 60 days after he started using it in Turkey the first time, even though he had left the country in between. He was back in Turkey at the time it was locked

      3. Alright guys, thanks for your help a lot! It really made things much clearer. However, I have this last question to you: I got a bit confused when you said I could technically bring two phones with me. How could I do that? Could I just take the new phone out of the box, use it while traveling just saying it’s a corporate mobile or something? I never heard of anybody having this kind of problem before and yeah, all of my suitcases are with massive password-enabled locks 🙂

  31. Hi Dias, I believe I said technically you can only bring one phone. They presume that is your personal phone. If you are caught with more than one, you could be taxed on them. However, I have never heard of that happening. It is to prevent folks from bringing in technology, which is cheaper abroad. Turkey loses out on the taxes.

  32. I registered my phone some good month ago though it was not through any Turkcell agencies rather i used the devlet şifresi.Now am a little bit worried as to whether it has really been registered or not.Well what are the signs earn your phone us blocked?

    1. Well if it is working, you know it has been registered. If it isn’t you will get a message. Being blocked is….er…being blocked.

  33. By the way, lots of people, businessmen especially, travel with two phones these days–if they live and work in more than one country and have phones in each of them. Nothing surprising about that. In fact I usually have two and it never occurred to me that there could be a problem.
    Of course if they find several unopened brand new phones still in their boxes while your luggage is being searched (which also rarely happens–remember all luggage is screened and x-rayed these days) then they might well look askance and ask what was going on.

  34. Hi Terry,
    I hope you and your family are safe.
    I am trying to register a foreign mobile I recently purchased for my wife. I am ashamed to say that although I’ve been through this procedure once before while registering mine last year, it all looks eerily new to me. It must be my old age creeping up on me. I started with your e-gov link and inputted all in the info until I reached where it says input your Ikamet Tezkere number which looks like (11/123456) which should be on the first page of your Ikamet booklet. I have tried so many different combinations of the slashed number on the first page of her Ikamet booklet to no avail. The number on the booklet actually starts with a letter “A” and then a slash. what should I input in place of the A? Mind you we are not using the booklet anymore since they introduced the plastic card replacement. So what am I doing that’s wrong? Any advise? Thanks.

    1. Hello Sadik and thanks for reading the blog. First, you are not looking at the most recent article. The most recent is Second, one of the comments may be very helpful to you. Someone wrote, “I think where most people get lost is when they reach the stage asking for “Ikamet Tezkere Numarası”. I figured how to go about it.

      After keying in your mobile number and email address you can abort the process of keying in your details. You don’t need to complete your profile in order to register your phone.

      After keying in my email address, I searched for “IMEI KAYDET” while still logged on to my profile. The search box is located on the top right hand corner. From there you will click “Devam et”. You key in your IMEI number, passport number and the last time you entered Turkey. Then click “kaydet”. That’s it.”

      Please let us know if it worked for you.

      1. Need some help.

        I bought a Prepaid Turkcell sim and its working fine for now. I am in Turkey for less than 30 days. i also received the following message:
        “XXXXXXXXXXXXX IMEI nolu cihaz KAYIT DISI dir, 120 gun icinde kapatilacaktir, satin aldiginiz yere basvurunuz veya cihazinizi kaydettiriniz”

        basically saying i have 120 days until my phone will be closed.

        It doesnt make sense for me to register my phone and incurr the cost as im in Turkey for holiday. Assuming they block the mobile phone in Turkey, will i be able to use the phone in my home country?


      2. Hi Orion and thanks for reading the blog. Yes, you will be able to use it in your home country. You don’t need to register the phone. But if you return to Turkey, it is possible it will be blocked here.

  35. U said that u will write a post about how to register online did u post it and can i get the link plz and another question what about iPhones is it same way or different??

  36. Hi. I had my phone registered in august 2016 but I am going out of turkey and plan to purchase another phone from my homeland in July this year (2017) Will this phone work? Can I get it registered here since it won’t be two years

  37. My phone not working last night to with any SIM card even I did change lot of sims card as too.last 6 months to I’m living here in turkey I don’t know about registration now may I know what can I do what’s app num 05384335529

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