Limes!!! (or green lemons?)

I have seen limes from time to time in Turkey, but not often. The first time was on vacation at a restaurant in Kas. I hunted them down afterwards and finally found one store selling them. They were imported and extremely expensive.

More recently, I have seen them at specialty shops usually around the holidays.  3 – 4 lira per piece.

Then, a couple of weeks ago a new acquaintance told me a story about how he saw them while he was on vacation.  He actually picked them from a tree! I so wanted to believe that story but I just kept thinking to myself that they were not limes but rather a fruit related to the orange with a green peel that I have seen in local grocery stores.

Well, he was right and I was wrong!


Yesterday, my husband surprised me with an entire kilo of what the Turks are calling green lemons! They look like limes on the outside.  They look a bit more like lemons on the inside.  But they smell like lime.  I plan on testing them this evening by making of Mexican recipe.


The costs? Only 4tl per kilo! Go check your local pazar now!

Today is a special day for that acquaintance. I think I will bring him a green lemon!

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  1. A few days ago, I saw some very green fruits in a market and I got all excited, but they turned out to be the first pick of tangerines and they were vividly green. Are they truly limes? I know that my Turkish husband always thought that the limes in stores in the U.S. were just green lemons. I will definitely keep my eyes open for them. It would be nice to make a good guacamole.

  2. The guy selling the green lemons (still have questions if it is 100% lime or a mix of lime and lemon, that is why I call green lemon) was not a typical bazaar venue. He was one of the locals with a small stand and he told me that they were from his garden. He had avocados too. I don\t know which bazaars he sells other than 100. yil

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