A week has come and gone - celebrating the life of my father-in-law. He was one of the most kind and gentle men I had ever met.  If you caught him in one of the rare moments he was not smiling, you could still see the smile in his eyes. You would never find him... Continue Reading →

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The MiddleWow, what a week I had!  Tomorrow I will start blogging the "good" of it.  A week spent in the lovely town of Kaş, on the Turkish Mediterranean.  It was awesome!  We rented a lovely little apartment on the peninsula, right at the sea. We met a lot of interesting and great people. And we... Continue Reading →

Pentecost and German Holidays

I am currently visiting family in Germany and am devoting only a few minutes to this post. Yesterday Christians around the world "celebrated" Pentecost.  I put it in quotes because not many seem to know what Pentecost is and only know that it is Pentecost if they happened to go to Church.  But apparently the... Continue Reading →

Getting Over the Loss

At the end of the year, I suffered a lot of loss. This past week, I was back in the States and I realized that while none of it is passed, the healing process has certainly begun. In October, I lost my great-nephew Shane.  Although I did not get to see his mother or his... Continue Reading →

Getting Through Mixed Emotions

It is almost three months since my sister Eileen left us.  It's a strange time. Family and close friends remember what you are still going through, but most forget.  This is normal. You may remember that I had gone through quite a bit during the months before and after her death.  When I think back... Continue Reading →

here’s what happened

When one becomes a blogger, we often write personal things that others would not share.  In my case, I crossed over from getting my emotions out via keeping a journal and writing poems, to putting myself out there publicly.  Lately, I have written posts that have caused concern to many.  I was still withholding many... Continue Reading →

Rain or Snow

The other day, my assistant said he wished it would rain or snow.  I smirked a little at first, thinking what an oddity.  Only my mother would pray for rain (for her garden).  But I know exactly what he means. It's been a very difficult month for me.  One month ago my sister died.  I... Continue Reading →

Number 13

"How many kids are in your family?"  "We have twelve siblings."  "What number are you?"  "I'm number 13." I can't count the number of times I have had this exact conversation.  I am the thirteenth child in my family and I was born on the 13th.  I am Lucky 13. My sister Jacqueline died before... Continue Reading →


I have been thinking about death quite a bit lately.  Seems to be all around me.  As I push on, I try to think about happier things. Today's thought was how cool it will be if there really is a Heaven.  Of course, seeing my Dad again would be great.  And it would be totally... Continue Reading →

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