Pentecost and German Holidays

I am currently visiting family in Germany and am devoting only a few minutes to this post.

Yesterday Christians around the world “celebrated” Pentecost.  I put it in quotes because not many seem to know what Pentecost is and only know that it is Pentecost if they happened to go to Church.  But apparently the elderly still remember . . .

My mother, who is technically an expat in America, having left Germany about 65 years ago, called the other day.  She wished all the German family a happy “Pfingsten Sontag und Montag.”  That’s right . . . in Germany they get an official holiday on Monday for Pentecost – and Mom remembered!

I asked some of the younger German family to translate Pfingsten.  They did not know the English.    They said it was something to do with fire!  🙂  I had to smile.  I knew Pentecost also had something to do with fire, and maybe the Holy Spirit.

So, if you are interested, you can read more on Wikipedia about Pentecost by clicking here.    If you are lucky enough to have the holiday as they do in Germany, enjoy your day off!



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