A week has come and gone – celebrating the life of my father-in-law.

He was one of the most kind and gentle men I had ever met.  If you caught him in one of the rare moments he was not smiling, you could still see the smile in his eyes.

Amasra (5)

You would never find him arguing over politics or his favorite soccer team.  While he was interested in those things, he preferred to keep to the sidelines.  Mostly, he enjoyed spending time with his family, going for walks with them, and visiting the beautiful sites of Turkey with them.

We will miss you greatly.  Thank you for everything.  Rest in peace Babacığım.

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  1. . . we are born, we live, we die – it’s that bit in the middle that is the measure of everything. How each of us lives determines how we are remembered and even if we are remembered at all. Seems to me that you and yours will be smiling a lot.

  2. Your father-in-law sounds like a very special man. I get the feeling that he must have enriched the lives that he touched. No wonder you love his son, if he is anything like his dad. May he rest with blessings.

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