I have been thinking about death quite a bit lately.  Seems to be all around me.  As I push on, I try to think about happier things.

Today’s thought was how cool it will be if there really is a Heaven.  Of course, seeing my Dad again would be great.  And it would be totally awesome to get to know my sister, who was killed when I was two.  I only met my grandfather a couple of times and that was before I learned to speak German.  And I hadn’t seen my great-nephew for quite a while before his recent passing.

But the idea that really excites me would be to meet both of my grandmothers for the first time.  I have to admit, I am and always have been afraid of the idea of meeting my Dad’s mom.  She just scares me and I don’t know why.  Yet, I look forward to meeting her.

My mom’s mother is a different story.  I have several pics of her and I often wonder what she was thinking in those photos.

So that’s it for today.  I want to meet my grandmothers, scary or not!  Of course, I am willing to wait a long while.


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  1. I love reading what you write. Your article always seem to hit the nail on the head and articulately express things we all think about.

  2. Expat in Ankara and liking your blog. My father recently passed away, and I so want to see him again. He visits me in my dreams, but so far it is with the knowledge that he will die, so more grief than joy. Its hard to deal with death, loss, sorrow. How cool then if there is a Heaven. Thank you for sharing.

  3. . . enjoy what you have here and now – ignore the sales pitch for a product without a guarantee that offers you a promise that it will work after you are dead! ‘Pig in a poke’ comes to mind. Sorry about your loss and personal grief – have a hug from someone who has been there a few times now.

  4. To be honest you evoked the same thing in me too, so I decided to share some ideas. I have been always a lonely guy, and I think I will always be. But I do think about the death a lot either. As I found out it is somehow because of my existentialism which brings me the existentialism depression. I don’t know about you, but I think the reason people like us feel sad is because they were living life in a different thinking style, and when it is gone we feel all the good things that are told to us is diminished. But the fact is that it took thousands of years that people made such a dream, and if we want to find happiness we should try to make happiness in a more realistic way too.

    I believe death is a disease, and one day there will be a cure for that. When I think how it could be if we still had Aristotle, Einstein, Beethoven, Dali and etc among us(I am so happy we that we don’t have to tolerate bad guys anyway…hehe), or when I think that why we should wait a life time to reach to heaven with the risk of being judge by a maniac, I feel actually good!

    Is being at heaven anything other than feeling good?! in that case we don’t actually need heaven to feel good! or we can feel bored even at heaven. Sometimes, I feel that how deep our laziness can be when it comes to the thoughts or emotions. I spent so much of my life being in love or actually heartbroken, but we can make happiness inside and from every single moment in our lives if we stop being lazy to think and discover new feelings. Personally, I believe love is the source of happiness, I don’t mean just romance (it can be part of love too, but not all of that). To me love is like a tree inside of me that I grow it, and I enjoy its beauty, and actually it’s not something coming from the environment, I am the one who spread it, despite of what many people think (as I found out…hehe), and it’s not limited to the romance. I love people, every single one, kids, animals, plants, the elements of the nature, and everything, I am part of everything and everything is part of me, and I love it! to me this is the real heaven, I feel happy and I have even those who are not living with me any more in my heart, and I have no one in the hell!

    I hope I could make you feeling better now, be happy, Sahl 😉

  5. {{{Terry}}}
    I feel blessed to have been born in the United States in the twentieth century. And I do have a sense that I’ve had past lives. That implies I may have future ones. Heaven? That would be enlightenment in my belief system which is still evolving.

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