Snow Season! Snowboarding & Skiing in Kayseri

Folks, I know it’s cold out there!  Why not consider some winter sports?

About a 4-mile drive from Ankara,, in the heart of Anatolia, lies Kayseri.  I call it the “financial heart” of Turkey.  But it’s more than that, it boasts a mountain larger than those in the German Alps!  Erciyes, how I love ye, how I love ye.


If you haven’t been, it’s a stone’s throw from Kapadokya.  It’s lovely.  It has fabulous trails.  A lovely new “gondola” was installed around 2012.


Here is a link to my prior post complete with pics:  Mt. Erciyes Has New Trails!

If you google “Mt. Erciyes,” you will find a lot of additional information such as where to stay, trail maps, etc.  Sorry, but I don’t have any personal suggestions as to where to stay near the mountain; we were hosted by locals.  There are plenty of places nearby.

Happy New Year!

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