The Turk Takes a Trip

Are you tired of the winter blues? Need a little break from Ankara? Feeling a little athletic? Can you deal with just a little bit of hectic travel? Why not try winter sports in France?!

As I’ve previously written, Turkey boasts a truly beautiful mountain for snowboarding and skiing in the heart of Anatolia at Kayseri. But we no longer have family there. So my Turk decided to meet up with his brother for a short vacation in France at Val d’Isère.

Travel to Val d’Isère was not easy. It required a flight from Istanbul to Geneva. From there, they took not one, but two trains! I believe that was a total of 4.5 hours, but I can only imagine how beautiful the sights were!  While there is a bus with a shorter schedule from Istanbul to Geneva, prior experience proved that to be a 10 hour drive.

From there, one has to arrange transportation (a shuttle) to the resort of choice. I know it sounds like a lot, but take a look below of how beautiful the first day was!

I am told the resort has everything one needs. Apartments, a grocery store, and I am sure it has a bar!

I also heard that the slopes are steep and seem to go on for hundreds of miles (or was it kilometers?)! They are having a lot of fun, but I assume it takes a lot of energy.

Planning ahead is difficult because there may be snow in the future which can make conditions too treacherous for sports. But there are other things to do like a trip into town.

If you’re thinking of going, check out Ski-France for accommodations.

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