A Quick English Lesson in Honor of Halloween

A fun Halloween post that teaches the meaning of an American English idiom, a “play on words”, if you will. Happy Halloween!

Ankara Legal English


Question:  What does it mean to “drive a stick”?

Answer: Driving a stick means driving a car that has a manual transmission.  The “stick” is short for the “stick shift” in English.

The Joke: In literature and film, witches fly on a broom – also known as a broomSTICK.  So she (or he) DRIVES a STICK!


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March Comes in Like a Lion

It was a long and rough winter for us in Ankara.  For a moment there, I thought all of the stars in the sky had a bad case of dandruff - it snowed that much!  In fact, we had flurries again yesterday.  But now the sun is shining and flowers are poking their little heads... Continue Reading →

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