Kapadokya Seramik – handmade pottery

Cappadocia is known for beautifully handmade and hand-painted ceramics.  It is an ancient Turkish art.  One of my favorite places is Kapadokya Seramik, a family owned business. It is a quite large location with much to choose from, one piece more beautiful than the next.

At Kapadokya Seramik, they generally make the ceramics in winter, but if you ask, they will likely give you a demonstration any time of year . . . and serve tea!  Our host provided a history and information on making ceramics while he worked.  My husband translated his Turkish to English, and I translated it to German for our guests. However, they do speak a little English there.

On this visit, they even let my cousin give it a try!

When shopping, don’t be afraid of the prices, there is plenty of room for negotiation.  If you are visiting Turkey, they also offer shipping services for your purchases.

If you are going:

Kapadokya Seramik
Bahçelievler Mah.
Çavuşin Yolu
Avanos / Nevşehir
Tel:  +90 384 511 40 88
Email:  erginozderin@hotmail.com

To read more about Cappadocia:

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