New Hotel in Cappadocia: Stone Concept

We recently had family visiting from Germany.  Our plan was to head to Fethiye as soon as they left for Kurban Bayramı.  But our plans for Fethiye fell through.  So since we had the energy, we decided to take our visitors on a road trip to Kapadokya.

Kapadokya can be done in a day trip from Ankara.  It is a 4-hour drive.  But that doesn’t leave much time for sight-seeing.  So we decided to spend the night.  However, we had not booked a hotel.  We spent about an hour researching hotels online before we left, but never made a decision. While I enjoy a good cave hotel, there are so many and most of them are not very nice.

So after a long drive, sightseeing, and shopping, we decided to stay at a new place in Avanos.  It was perfect!  Stone Concept Hotel is a larger hotel.  It has two floors, 73 rooms, a swimming pool, restaurant, bar, gift shop, and outdoor seating.  The rooms and bathrooms were large enough, modern with traditional Turkish flair, and very clean.  Each room has a small flat screen TV with numerous international channels, a hair dryer, soap, shampoo, slippers, towels, and shower cap.  If you require hair conditioner or a wash cloth, you should bring one it with you.

The owner was gracious enough to open a few more doors for photo ops.  Below are some photos of the rooms.

All rooms are air-conditioned, but we did not have a chance to test it.  The weather in the evenings is usually cool.  Each room has a window with a screen.  So we simply opened the windows, without worry of bugs, and enjoyed a chilly night breezes.

The hotel is off of the beaten path, so it was a very quiet setting.  Across the street was a balloon company, Atlas.  I was up a little late for the best view, but I did get a few photos before breakfast. By the way, a full breakfast buffet is included in the price of the room.  A dinner buffet was an additional charge of 25 TL per person.  Drinks are extra.

Below are several more photos of the hotel, inside and out.

The staff was friendly.  The location was great.  Avanos is forms a triangle with Urgup and Goreme, so evverything is just a few minutes drive away.

The current room price for two people was only 100 TL!  We checked many places personally. Some of the smaller cave hotels, which were not very nice, cost more than that!

My only complaint was the noise in the morning.  The hallway had beautiful stone floors, but no carpet.  When guests rolled their suitcases by in the morning it was very very loud!

If you are going:

Stone Concept Hotel
Cumhuriyet Mah., Kapadokya Cad. No. 6
Avanos / Nevşehir
Phone:  +90 384 511 7107

Note:  Be sure to follow your GPS.  If you think you are lost in a parking lot, go behind the building.  The hotel sits back off of the road.

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