Raising Awareness – Turk Kanser

Just a quick post to share –

Last weekend, my husband and I did a 6.2 km run to raise awareness for cancer research.  It was actually open to walkers and bikers too.  There was no cost to join.  There were t-shirts for sale and raffle tickets to purchase – these were really the only fund raisers for cancer research related to the run.

The Umut Koşusu (Hope Run) was held on METU’s campus in Ankara.  There are some great dirt paths on the property.  I went to support my husband and to take photos for a blog.  But as I filmed the participants at the starting line, I started to feel a pang.

You remember, my sister died of cancer.  It was one year ago today that she went into hospice care at home, with me as one of her primary caretakers.



My father-in-law is also now battling the dreaded killer.

So dressed in jeans and carrying a big plastic bag filled with t-shirts, pamphlets, a couple of jackets and a water bottle, and pumped full of coffee, I set out to finish the race.

The first half was all uphill – with one huge hill at about the 3km mark.  And then it was downhill.  I started to jog, then to run!  Run . . .walk . . .run . . . walk.  I felt so proud when I crossed the finish line!

To find out more about the Turk Canser organization, click here.

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