Raising Scholarship Funds for ODTU & the Istanbul Marathon

Dear Friends,

My husband and I are asking your help to raise scholarship money for needy students at Middle East Technical University.  (ODTU/METU).

The Eurasia Marathon (Istanbul) will be held this weekend.  My husband and I will be participating in the smaller associated runs (15k and 10k, respectively.)

We have joined the ODTUMaraton” group, whose goal is to raise scholarship funds for ODTU/METU (Middle East Technical University) students.


WHO IS RUNNING?  We will be joined in the run by the President (Rektor) of METU, the President of METU Cyprus campus, Advisors to President, the Dean of College of Engineering and numerous faculty (including my husband), alumni and friends of METU (including me!!).

THE SCHOLARSHIP FUND?  The scholarship fund is organized by the Middle East Technical University Istanbul Alumni Association.  The Istanbul Association was founded in 1997.  As of the 2014-2015 academic year, they gave scholarships of 200TL/month to approximately 500 students .

DONATE NOW? According to the website of the Istanbul METU  Alumni Association, donations can be done directly by bank transfer to the below account above or by credit card.

  • Bank Transfer:

Bank: Denizbank  Mecidiyeköy Branch

Account Holder Name: İstanbul ODTÜ Mezunları Derneği

İban No: TR860013400000144194700223

  • Credit Card:

The form to make donations with credit card or to make automatic periodic donations the form in the following link can be used:


  • Don’t Forget:

My husband and I would appreciate if you would acknowledge your donations on our behalf.  To do that, simply list his name or mine as the runner in the Description when making a payment.

Eg:  Theresa Kaymak – ODTUMaraton

        Barış Kaymak – ODTUMaraton

OTHER WAYS TO HELP?  If you are unable to donate, but would like to help, perhaps you can forward this email to your friend for donation.

MORE INFORMATION?  For more info about the Istanbul Alumni Assoc. Scholarship Program, use this link.  The page is in Turkish – you can get the gist from using google translate or email me your questions.

http://www.istodtumd.org/index.php? option=com_content&task=view&id=43&Itemid=111

ODTU was the only school in top 100 from Turkey in ranking by Times Higher Education (THE)


Thank you very much!!!

Terry & Baris

Photos from the 2009 JDRF Walk for the Cure, Philadelphia:

Links to other Walks/Runs we have attended:

2011 Istanbul Marathon

More Pics from 2011 Marathon

2010 Istanbul Marathon

JDRF Walk for Diabetes

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    1. The download issue may be with your computer. It seems to work fine on this end. But I think the answer is “Thanks for trying! No worries here. Being out of the country is difficult to donate bc the form is in Turkish and the US does not allow bank transfers easily – without big fees!” xoxo

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