Eurasia Marathon 2011

This past weekend was Eurasia Marathon – a run that starts in Asia and ends in Europe!  You may remember that last year my husband participated in the Eurasia marathon events by running an 8k.  This year he stepped it up a notch, running the 15k.  My nephew, who has been studying this semester in Barcelona, joined him for the 15k.  And my brother-in-law walked the 8k.  We were very proud of him too, considering he had a very late night before it!  Thank Goodness for Pizza Hut along the route!

Kevin at the Race Start
Philadelphia Runner

It wasn’t the best weather.  It rained all weekend.  But I think that actually helped because they both finished in great time!  I, on the other hand, didn’t make it to the finish line on time.  I was less than 4km away, but didn’t know how to walk there.  I had to convince a cab driver to take me as close as he could.  After a 21TL drive, he hit traffic and dropped me at the train.  Fine.  It was expensive, but at least I could figure out the route from there.  The train only went 3 stops and stopped.  It was also blocked by the marathon.  So I got off and walked it.  My husband had crossed the finish line just moments before I got there.  Doh!  Next time, I will give myself 2 hours!

Heading towards the final hill in the rain

We had the time to enjoy Istanbul a bit.  We ate at fun restaurant in Beyoğlu.  We shopped at the Grand Bazaar, where my nephew was more successful at getting a good price on a backgammon board than our Turkish escorts were.  We took in the sites and walked alot.

Checking Out the Course
Dinner in Beyoğlu
It's Like a Little Washington Monument!

The weekend was great, and yet, bittersweet.  A very dear friend from Germany was to join us for the race.  About a week before, she learned that her father was very ill and had to cancel.  We decided to make her part of our weekend anyway.  Following my kanka’s lead, we decided to take “Flat Petra” with us – enlarged photos of her.

Road Trip!
Fun Times!
Bringing Your Own Bavarian Beer in the Car?!

Flat Petra took the long ride from Ankara to Istanbul with us.  She signed up for the race at the Convention Center.  She was sure to get a good night’s sleep before the race. She even crossed the finish line then joined us for snacks after the race.  It was just great!

All Signed-Up
Our German and American Visitors
Enjoying Turkish-Style Breakfast
Schlaft Gut!
At the Finish Line
Taking Good Care of his First Cousin's, Twice Removed Girlfriend-in-law

Sadly, upon returning to Ankara, we learned that Petra’s father passed the day of the race.  She is a strong woman and is in good spirits.  But of course, it is very hard.  We were glad to have “Flat Petra” with us, but so much happier that she was really home where she needed to be.  May her father rest in peace.

Very Strong!
All My Love to You, my friend

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  1. I love the flat Petra idea. A funny way to deal with a sad situation and a great way to lift the spirits. The people from Turkey’s for Life also participated in the marathon. Sadly, I’m far too flabby to do anything so strenous though my super-fit 85 year old uncle does run the London Marathon.

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