There’s a New Shop in Town: Good Earth

I was strolling through GOP (Gaziosmanpaşa) in Ankara, when I came across this sign:

Good Earth
Good Earth

Good Earth!  A new shop in Ankara!  The name was intriguing, so I ventured in.  The shop was full of gorgeous textiles (kitchen & bath), candles, furniture, and more.  There was even a corner for kids!

They have just opened, so they are still stocking shelves.  Check out the photos:

According to its website, they

celebrate the heritage of the Indian sub-continent and of surrounding areas across Asia by creating unique design stories . . . GOODEARTH is based on values of sustainability.  Sustaining tradition and the ecology is a core value.

Wow!  Environmentally friendly and gorgeous at the same time!  So if you are looking for something to do this weekend in Ankara, shopping for a unique gift, or just out for a stroll, why not check out Good Earth?!  And if you run into Çağkan (the handsome young man in the photos who speaks wonderful English) tell him I sent you!

Photo Courtesy of Good Earth

If you are going:

Address:  Arjantin Cad, No 25

Tel: 0312 467 2000


11 thoughts on “There’s a New Shop in Town: Good Earth

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  1. The store looks stunning! I definitely love the vibe and eco-friendly mantra. The colors are so happy and bright! I think my house needs some color after looking at all the pictures. Thanks for letting me know whats right in my backyard, Theresa!! LOVE!

  2. Hello, I’ve been following your blog since I was still living in my country, Indonesia until I moved to France for studying. I always love to see your review over some places in Ankara! I am in Ankara now, doing internship for a month. It’s been a week and I feel bored of going back and forth from my house to office (I live in Kolej and my office is in Tandogan), there’s not much things to see here except Kizilay. I think Gaziosmanpasa is a nice area and I wanna go there on weekend. I don’t speak Turkish, so I feel a bit lonely here.

    1. Hello and thanks for reading the blog! You should go to Tunali Cad., which connects Kizilay and GOP. Also, take a trip up to the old castle area in Ulus – little tourist shops, decent food, and a nice view of the city!

  3. Thank’s, will do! 🙂 Fortunately a friend asked me to meet up at Turan Gunes. First time to take a bus from Kizilay to here, hehe. I found this area around Atakule is very nice. And I will try to have the trip to Ulus on weekend 🙂

    1. Your guess is as good as mine! 🙂 They do have a website, but I don’t know if they ship from the local shop or from India. Their FB page (goodearthturkey) has not been updated since 2014.

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