UPDATE:  Bookish has closed.  Homer Kitabevi, Bestekar Sok. 35 (between Tunali and Tunus) is a quaint little bookstore with a big English selection – especially for kids.  D&R is a bigger chain store with a location on Tunali and also in many malls.)

A couple of weeks ago, I was strolling home from Gaziosmanpaşa (GOP) in Ankara, along streets I had never walked, when I came across a fabulous find – BOOKISH Store. Obviously a bookstore, but the English name was intriguing so I made my way inside.

Bookish Store
Bookish Store


My first impression of BOOKISH was “super cute and cozy”.  It was a weekday in the late afternoon so it was not super busy.  It was definitely a place where I would want to spend some time – especially in that big chair in the window next to the cookbooks!


I headed through the store, past the children’s section, and I started to feel a little strange.  Something was different from other Turkish bookstores.  English books were right up front.

Books for Kids
Books for Kids

I continued around the entire store and back to the front counter where I had a chat with the owner, Hülya Ateş, and her staff.



Turns out the entire store is full of English books!  Every single title.  In addition, BOOKISH carries a large selection of English language magazines. So whether you are craving a taste of Bon Appetit or living in a 911 & Porsche World, BOOKISH has the magazine for you!

Variety of Magazines
Variety of Magazines

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask the staff.  The stop will be celebrating its 3rd birthday in May.  They all speak English and are very friendly and knowledgeable.


If you are going, tell them you read about it here!

Filistin Sokak No:17/A
Gaziosmanpasa – ANKARA 06700
T: 0312 447 47 34
F: 0312 447 47 24

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  1. . . felt a similar reaction when we discovered Homer Kitabevi right beside the Galatasaray School in Istanbul. Not as big and classy as your find but a little oasis whenever we visit the big city.

      1. There is a branch of Homer in Bestekar if I remember correctly (just opposite Balcón), definitely check it out, it is also a very nice bookstore full of English-language books. There are mostly history books, but it also has good selection of novels and children books. Bookish was one of my favourite bookstores when I was in Ankara.

  2. Great find,Terry! I have walked past this shop but never dreamed it would have books written in English, so I did not go inside! That will change ASAP! Can’t wait to go explore Bookish!

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