Coppelia at the Ankara State Opera & Ballet

Yes, Turkey has a State Opera and Ballet, and it’s pretty good too!  One thing I miss about the States is going to the theater.  Just loved seeing plays! It is definitely more difficult to see a play here unless you have a full grasp of the Turkish language.  If you do see a play, I suggest reading the play first in English, or watching the movie first.

So I have taken to ballet and opera.  The Turkish State Opera and Ballet hosts a variety – including plays.  Last night we saw a ballet, Coppelia.

Coppélia concerns an inventor, Dr Coppelius, who has made a life-size dancing doll. It is so lifelike that Franz, a village swain, becomes infatuated with it and sets aside his true heart’s desire, Swanhilde. She shows him his folly by dressing as the doll, pretending to make it come to life and ultimately saving him from an untimely end at the hands of the inventor.

The full story line can be read by clicking here.

Photo Courtesy of Today’s Zaman – click the photo to read Today’s Zaman’s article about the ballet

It was really enjoyable!  I particularly found the second act very entertaining. The costumes and set were great as was the music and dancing!

If you are going:

  • As far as I can tell, ballet, opera and plays are done in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Mersin, Antalya and Samsun.  There may be other locations.
  • Tickets are generally available two weeks before the show and sell out quickly.
  • You can find the schedule and more information by clicking this link:  Click on your city and then the English description in order to view the website in English.
  • The last show of Coppelia in Ankara is April 19th.

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  1. . . my first ever opera was at the Antalya Festival – ‘Turandot’. Three of Turkey’s State Opera and Ballet companies took part together with the Presidential Orchestra. As the performance began the full moon rose above the curtain wall and I was mezmarised – What an amazing country we live in!

  2. I’ve seen a couple of operas in Mersin–Carmen and Madame Butterfly. A very inexpensive way to introduce yourself (and others) to opera or ballet here in Turkey.

  3. Bodrum has a ballet festival every year in the summer. A few years ago, I was lucky enough to see Carlos Acosta dance in the open-air theatre next to the castle.

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