Racism Running Rampant — Still

In the news in Turkey is the Deputy Prime Minister Beşir Atalay with his anti-Semitic public comments.

I have lived here over three years now.  I don’t usually get into the depth of conversations, for lack of Turkish skills, that would make me aware of racism here.  Unfortunately, I do have one “friend” who in the past year has made anti-Greek comments, anti-Jewish comments, and most recently, anti-Kurdish comments.  It’s one of those situations where I am hoping that she learns from me.  If not, the friendship will eventually go to the wayside.

Thank God we have never discussed Armenians!

Of course, I am aware that these comments are somewhat common here in Turkey as racism runs rampant throughout the world.

I have little tolerance for racism, as I have let all of my readers know.  I wish I could say zero, but you can see from my above situation that I do choose my battles.

I am a pure mutt!  Yep, I said pure.  German, Swiss, possibly Italian, and Afro-American.  To me, that’s what being American is about, being a mutt.

I spent years in law school listening to stupid debates over the subject of whether white parents should be allowed to adopt black children.  I heard arguments against it from both blacks and whites.  I wanted to rip out my hair, stand up and scream, “You have no fucking clue what you are saying!”  My opinion, loving parents want to adopt a child who needs them.  I have my arguments, but suffice it to say that I see it as a most rewarding life lesson for all involved, a colorful rainbow.


I love being black.  There, I said it.  I apologize to those of you who think I am not black enough.  There ain’t a damn thing I can do about that.  In fact, I will go as far to say as I love I don’t look black.  Why?  Because I get the benefit, unlike other blacks, of knowing exactly who my enemies are. Whites are actually stupid enough to say things to me like, “Well you don’t look black” inferring that therefore, I must agree with their stupid racist comments in some way.

So, today, I was reading posts about the Fourth of July celebrations back home and I came across a sad but inspiring post.  You can read it here.   What I really liked about this story what the woman did in the situation.  She handled it well.  I won’t spoil the story by repeating it here.  It’s worth clicking on the link to read.

Having “fat black” nephews also hit me hard.  (I have many  black -more visibly than me – nieces and nephews in addition to several fabulous brother-in-laws.)  I had to wonder how I would respond had this happened to any of my kin.

The story also touched me in another way.  After reading all she had been through, I read her byline.  She is an associate professor at Rutgers University.  First, Rutgers is relatively close to home.  I have lots of friends who went there.  But more importantly, my Turkish husband is an associate professor here in Ankara.  Reading her story brought back the stories he relayed about the racial profiling he endured after 9/11, and the crap he has to go through in order to travel internationally.

Racism runs rampant in this world.  If there’s nothing else I can do about it, I will help spread the word to try and stop racists from passing on their ugly ignorance.

Wishing you all the best, Brittney Cooper!  You make this world a better place!

Happy Fourth! Enjoy your celebration with your family!

One World.  One Peace.


9 thoughts on “Racism Running Rampant — Still

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  1. Truth be told, we’re all mongrels – a spoonful of this, a dollop of that. I read the comments about a Jewish conspiracy from a senior member of the Turkish Govt. The idiot should hold his head in shame.

  2. At Temple Law School, I was so upset with all the ethnically-specific organizations (none of which I fit into) that I wrote an article for the newsletter proposing a new organization that a German-Russian-Irish-English-Spanish student like me could join: “Mongrels at Temple Law”

    That was the only column I wrote that got written responses from readers.

  3. What you’re observing is what governments do. When the people are fragmented/confused for whatever reason, find a common external enemy (evil) with the hope to unite people. In the western world, that is why anyone who has darker complexion gets special treatment at the airport or anytime something bad happens people blame it on Muslim extremists even if it is a depressed all-American kid. In the East it is the opposite. Blame it on Israel or the Christians who are still yearning for crusades. It is sad but it is the way it is.

    By the way the response to the minister’s comments from the educated people in Turkey was “what next? He is going to claim that protests were organized by aliens from outer space?” People are aware of the fact that government is desperately trying to cover up the fact that protests are because of their policies. Government is just trying to make it appear like it is a foreign conspiracy. And majority of the ruling party’s voters are composed of very religious, poor and uneducated part of Turkey. It is no different from Borat going to a bar in Tucson and singing an anti-semitic song and people singing along and clapping. Beşir Atalay’s comments will only resonate with some people. Others will laugh at it.

  4. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I heard the latest imbecilic comment about the Jewish diaspora being responsible for the protests!!!!! For goodness sake ….

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