GAZA: Turkey, Israel, and the U.S.

I have received messages from many of my friends regarding the recent attack  by Israelis on a Turkish ship, a freedom flotilla, that was carrying activists and aid to blockaded Gaza.  Reports in news articles varied on many issues including the number of activists killed.  The final count was nine Turks, one of whom was born an American citizen.

People want to know the thoughts and feelings of the Turks.  I wasn’t in Turkey at the time of the incident.  I don’t understand the Turkish news reports, and I don’t have much contact at the moment with Turks outside of my family.  So I don’t think I can give a fair account of what people think here.  However, I selected a few news articles below.  You can come to your own conclusion on it.

-a blog post written by an American who is travelling through Turkey:

Kayseri Mounrs a Fallen Son

-from USAK/ISRO – International Strategic Research Organization:

What Does Israel’s Attack on Aid Ships Mean?

-from the Hurriyet Daily News:

From the Bosphorous Strait:  Gaza Should Not be “Local” Politics

-from the Journal of Turkish Weekly:

Rogue State

from the Washington Post:

Turkey’s foreign policy moves raise concern in West and at home

One friend had questioned whether the Gaza situation is similar to the relationship between the Kurds and the Turks.  In American news, we often hear of terrorism by the PKK in Southeastern Turkey.  Again, I don’t know much about it.  I do know that not all Kurds are terrorists, just as not all muslims are.  I also know that there are many Kurds living peacefully in Turkey, going to work and to school side-by-side with the Turks.  Most Turks I know do have Kurdish friends.  Therefore, I can’t comment on the extent to which these two situations are similar as I have no personal knowledge of relationships between Palestinians and Israelis, other than what I gather from the news.  But again, I can reference some articles.

-from USAK:

Is PKK Turkey’s Hamas?

-from the Washington Post:

Who Are the Kurds?

-from the Hurriyet Daily News:

Domestic Peace Elusive in Turkey

Personally, I wish that everyone in the world will get past whatever has happened to them personally or to their forefathers, and learn to live together as one.  It’s borrowed land and borrowed time.

One World, One Peace.


UPDATE:  A friend just sent this article from an Israeli newspaper.  It’s so good to get news from all sides.

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  1. Hi T,

    Thanks for the news of the conflict, we were worried more about you and your new famuly more than anything else.

    Israel can be a formidable military presence when they want to be. I agree with you, It would be beautiful if all could work together in peace.

    Be safe

    Keep it coming T!


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