Windows, Doorways, and Walkways of Bodrum

Recently, my husband and I spent two weeks on the Bodrum Peninsula.  We were based in a small village called Gümüşlük.  We visited the towns of Turgutreis, Yalakavak, Ephesus, Selcuk, Kuşadası, and of course, Bodrum.  On the way there, we even stopped in Afyon which is known for a yummy candy called Kaymak Şekeri and spent a night in Pamukkale.  It was a fabulous trip.

While I am still spending time organizing my photos, I didn’t want you to have to wait any longer.  So I am offering a sampling of what I find very interesting no matter where I travel, photos of doors, windows, walkways, and ceilings.  I don’t know why I find these so fascinating.  Perhaps it’s the way the light hits them, or the thoughts of who has passed through them or what’s behind them.  I don’t really know the reason.  I just like them and I hope you will too.  These are all from Bodrum. . . 

7 thoughts on “Windows, Doorways, and Walkways of Bodrum

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  1. Simply fabulous T! The ones of the doorways especially the door with the peak with the potted flowers in front are framing material and should be displayed. Did you ever see the book called “Doorways to West Chester”?

    Nice material T, really nice!


  2. Hi Terry,
    As one who had been in US (Norfolk, VA) for 3 years and as an “Ankaralı”, I wanted to say “loved your writings”. I had really good American friends there. I am a Turkish military officer, now in Diyarbakır, but will be in Aşağı Ayrancı soon. Maybe, we will be neighbours and find the opportununity to have Türk kahvesi together 🙂



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