Gümüşlük & Turgutreis

Gümüşlük is a seaside village and fishing port on the Bodrum Peninsula. It was built above the remains of the ancient city of Myndos.
Overlooking Gumusluk

Some remains of Myndos can still be found in the waters that lead to Rabbit Island. We walked through these waters, however, Rabbit Island is currently closed for excavation.

The Waters of Rabbit Island (taken with GoPro)

Gümüşlük has a true village feel. There are no gas stations. There is one major grocery store, Migros which caters to the visitors, and one smaller store, Dia S.A. Besides that, the villagers shop at local bakkals, bakeries, and pazars.

Scenic Bike Ride on the Back Road to the Bakery

The municipality regulates developments. There are many newer buildings, however, there still remains open space. And buildings must be painted white.

We rented a small apartment from a British expat who resides in Ankara. The place was small, but truly perfect. It was an air-conditioned 2-bedroom apartment, with a balcony that looked down to the sea.

Viewing Kos and the Sea from our Balcony

There were two swimming pools on-site. And the other visitors, mostly Brits, were really friendly. We got to meet and mingle with quite a few of them as I participated in karaoke night at the bar in the complex.

Our Pool
GoPro on the Water Slide

My hubby took this video of the slide using his new toy, the GoPro underwater sports camera:


When we needed gas, we headed to the neighboring town of Turgutreis.  It is much larger than Gümüşlük and had more of the feel of a beach town.  The town was named after the Ottomon admiral, Turgut Reis, who was born there in 1485.

Vendors of Turgutreis
Turgutreis Beach
Mosque at the Beach

If you are heading to Bodrum, I highly recommend staying on the Peninsula.  Bodrum has traffic, nightlife, and noise.  The Peninsula, on the other hand, “has it all.”

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  1. I’m really pleased you had a good time in our little corner of the world. Gumusluk is a real gem and has been mercifcully saved from the rampant development that surrounds it. I just love ther slide video. Brings out the kid in me.

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